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Boyd is on the phone with Ava, who's in a cottage somewhere, telling her that he, too, has figured out that Ellen May is with Shelby. Ava wonders what good she could be doing him and I'm really glad neither of them took it to the obvious place; instead, Boyd figures that he's using her as a conduit to a place to lie low. As we see Colton and Johnny in the background, Boyd asks whom Ellen May could go to in Harlan, but Ava tells him her father's in prison and, as we already know, her mother ran away when she was little. She wonders if maybe Ellen May would go to a "Nicky Kush," who ran Audrey's prior to Delroy and was also the one who brought Ellen May on. "Had some kind of twisted father-daughter thing goin' on." Well, nothing against Shelby, but that adds up. Boyd says he'll check him out before asking how she's doing and Ava tells him the food's good, which is another comment that will make a lot more sense in a little while. She once again protests that she doesn't want to leave him alone, but he once again replies that it's best for her to stay out of harm's way for the moment. When Boyd's off, Johnny asks what's up and Boyd tells him to "figure out whose bed we gotta drag Jimmy out of" (hopefully his face has healed up nice by now). Johnny says he meant to ask what the plan is, but Boyd dismisses him, so apparently Colton's fall in Boyd's eyes hasn't translated into Johnny being treated better than shit by his cousin. And speaking of Colton, when Johnny's gone off to make that phone call, Boyd lays his gun on the table and tells Colton this is his chance to redeem himself before asking if Colton can be the man he was in the war. Colton takes a looooong moment to consider, but he eventually tells Boyd that he's going to make things right. He didn't exactly answer the question, but from the look on Boyd's face, he can live with it. Johnny announces that Jimmy will be outside in five minutes, so Colton and Boyd head for the exit, with Boyd telling Johnny to stay there and wait for his call. When they're gone, Johnny looks around at the empty bar like he can't believe to what degree things have not turned out as he planned. But by the episode's end, he certainly won't be the only one.

In the car, Ellen May asks Shelby if he's been to the Mexican town that is their destination, and he fondly recalls that it's the most beautiful place he's ever seen. Ellen May grins that she likes Mexican food (Shelby: "Me too") before asking if they have religion in Mexico and Shelby tells her sure, although it's mostly Catholic. She supposes they give the sermons in Spanish, though, but he assures her she'll learn and as much as I've ragged on her, I could see where her kind simplicity would be a real comfort to Shelby in the situation he's in. Speaking of which, she thanks him for coming back for her, adding that not many people have ever cared enough to look out for her. "I know we're on the run and all, but I ain't never felt so free." Okay, now I'm picturing the two of them recreating the ending of Thelma & Louise. Honestly, though, not a lot of shows would even take the time for a character beat at a time like this; fewer still would make them this effective. That's actually twice now that Ellen May has caught me completely unawares and it's also another reminder how much I'm going to miss the Shelby character, assuming he leaves us at some point.

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