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Boyd gets out of an old American car, having been shuttled up to the Holler by three of Limehouse's men and he's in no mood, as he asks to "dispense with the bullshit" and makes it clear that he shares Limehouse's opinion that whatever good feeling there is between Ava and each of them does not make them friends as Ava stands there with a tight "I hate it when my men fight" look on her face. If only Raylan were here, her expression would really get interesting. Boyd hands over the briefcase with the three hundred grand and says he'll take what he came for -- and by the way, said prizes are standing there looking scared -- but Boyd's attempt to bluster his way to a quick trade fails, as surprises probably none of us, although I kind of would like to see an "I told you so" smirk on Johnny's face. For, you see, Limehouse tells an illustrative story about a dream he's had in which he's the pilot of a plane carrying all the people from Noble's Holler, all the people he cares about, when something goes wrong. He says he always wakes up just before impact, sweaty and shaken, and Boyd replies, "While I believe I understand your subtle metaphor [hee], what I don't understand is why you feel the need to tell me." This, however, only affords Limehouse the opportunity to grandstand that the amount of money Boyd's given him isn't enough for two lives -- he can have one of his choice. By the way, I hope you're appreciating Mykelti Williamson's ability to lord it all over a scene as much as I am.

Boyd looks as impotently frustrated as he gets, but asks for a moment to confer with Ava, which is granted. Surprisingly, he thinks it's clear they need to take Ellen May -- it's not that I question his loyalty to Ava at all, but he's really whitewashing the financial difficulties they'll face if they don't deliver Shelby, not to mention the fact that not being absolutely sure Shelby will get to Tonin will screw them royally, as we'll see. Anyway, Ava -- having been convinced by Ellen May's outpouring of love earlier -- takes the position that Shelby is their future, a strong play given how much Boyd's been focused on it. She begs him to make the choice she wants, so Boyd reluctantly steps back in Limehouse's direction and announces their decision: Shelby. Ellen May starts whimpering on Shelby's behalf and I guess it's as good a time as any to point out that whoever stays behind in Noble's Holler isn't exactly guaranteed safety.

In fact, had the decision gone the other way, it probably would only have resulted in Limehouse dealing Shelby directly to Tonin. But that's all meaningless to Ellen May, with her daddy issues and Shelby's kindness, and she steps forward and agitatedly begs Boyd and Ava to take her instead. Ava repeats the point I just made -- dammit, Ava, I wouldn't have bothered if I'd remembered that -- that Limehouse won't treat Shelby any differently than they're going to, but this only enrages Ellen May to the point where she spits right in Ava's face, and if anything were going to get Boyd to change his mind, I'd think it would be that. And everyone's been talking about what a "wild animal" Ellen May is, but I hadn't seen much evidence of it until now. That actually was a little bit scary! She continues to snarl, but this devolves into crying as Shelby tells her that it's okay -- it's his time. Knowing that these developments mean Ava has no further need of his protection, Limehouse says his boys will take Ava and Boyd out of the Holler. "When you get another three hundred grand together, you give me a call and we talk about gettin' your little ho back." That's one of those sentences I know I'll never have occasion to say in my daily life and I truly regret that. Ava looks distraught, but Boyd takes her by the hand and everyone moves to where they need to be...

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