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Shades Of Grey

As they approach the appointed place, which so happens to be, it would seem, the Harlan airstrip, Boyd suggests to Raylan that he might want to give him his gun back so he can cover him, should it come to that -- his quick count suggests Raylan's outnumbered four to one. Whether he has some lingering trust in Boyd or he merely figures it's not going to matter, Raylan hands Boyd's piece back to him and thanks him for the ride, getting a "Good luck, cowboy" from Boyd in return. Picker steps forward to greet Raylan: "You guys ever figure out who was right about the astronaut?" Raylan: "We agreed to disagree." Heh. This easy initial exchange over with, Picker tells Raylan he needs to check him for a wire, and Raylan agrees, with the caveat that anything else Picker finds, Raylan intends to keep. Picker tells Raylan that Augustine doesn't much care if he's armed, and Raylan figures that's because Augustine figures Raylan won't try anything with all these people around. Picker, however, expresses the possibility that Augustine simply doesn't give a shit, prompting Raylan to ask if Picker's okay with his "wagon hitched to someone who doesn't give a shit." Picker replies that the higher up the mountain, the worse the footing gets. Raylan sees the wisdom in that, and Picker adds that "it doesn't pay to be the lead dog." And speaking of whom...

...Augustine is on the phone, and from the way he tells the other party to "keep your panties on," I'd guess he's talking to Sammy. Once he disconnects, Picker opens the limo door and announces Raylan, who then enters and wastes no time getting to the tough talk. Augustine wonders if they're headed for "unpleasantness," to which Raylan replies that he's going to offer Augustine a deal, and he's not optimistic he'll take it. Augustine, genially enough, encourages Raylan to try him, so Raylan tells him he wants him to turn himself in and confess to murder, racketeering, obstruction of justice, "whatever other horrible things you've done." This is even worse than the plan he told Boyd about. Raylan goes on that he also wants Augustine to leave his family alone, and when Augustine asks what the implied "or" is, Raylan tells him it's death right in the car in which they're sitting. Even though Raylan assures Augustine he's armed, Augustine replies that he can tell with one look that Raylan isn't the kind of guy to shoot him in cold blood, adding that Raylan knows he can come in with tough-sounding threats and then use his badge as an excuse for not following through should his bluff be called. "I don't have a badge. All I got is my word. So if I say I'm gonna kill your family, I'm gonna kill your family!" It's been a long time since I've seen Fletch, but I still wish Raylan would reply "God, I admire you."

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