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Shades Of Grey

Augustine, working up a head of steam, says he's off to Detroit to dispatch Sammy, but he'll be back for Raylan's family, and the only way he can save them is to kill Augustine. "If you're not gonna do it, get the hell out of my car." Raylan smiles that at least they know each other now, and when Augustine mutters about cop threats, Raylan points out that he's still in the limo. Augustine does not give that point the thought it most definitely deserves...

...because Raylan walks over to the plane Augustine thinks is there to take him back to Detroit... and Sammy, flanked by several of his men, disembarks from it. Raylan thanks him for coming, and Sammy in turn thanks Raylan for reaching out to him. Raylan reports that Augustine said he's going to kill Winona, her child and Sammy, and Sammy smirks at the irony. Raylan, looking over at Picker, supposes Augustine's guys won't give Sammy too much trouble, and Sammy agrees: "You want to survive in this business, you have your money on the horse that's out front." Well, the man speaks of what he knows. Sammy seriously asks Raylan if he's going to obstruct him doing what he has to, and Raylan lays out his rationale(ization?) -- if Augustine had turned himself in, Raylan would have taken him in. "But he decided to go another way." Sammy, however, shows his attention to detail by inquiring further -- if Raylan witnessed a crime, he wouldn't, as a lawman, feel obliged to intervene? Raylan: "I'm suspended." With that, he heads resolutely toward Boyd's car and the camera, and in the blurry background, we see Picker and a number of Sammy's men open fire on the limo with automatic weapons. And it's not clear whether it's the case, but if Boyd witnessed this, he and Raylan are going to have plenty to talk about on the car ride home.

Boyd returns to the bar to find Jimmy cleaning up the dirt from the Willis corpse. Whatever his failings, Jimmy's smart enough to know that Boyd isn't going to be happy about the news that Ava left him behind, and he frantically yells his explanations and apologies as Boyd heads right back out the door...

...while Ava is just dragging Delroy's body toward its new final resting place. However, just as she gets the thing out of the van, a car pulls up. Squinting against the headlights' glare, she calls Boyd's name -- but it's not Boyd, but Mooney. Oh. OH. Not getting it yet, Ava tells Mooney she could use some help, but Mooney acts all faux-shocked as he asks Ava if she's got a body there. The one thing I don't get is how he knew where to find her -- the part about taking Delroy's body to the slurry pond was only discussed between Ava, Boyd and Jimmy, as far as we know -- but it's not too much of a stretch to guess he followed her with this play in mind. Speaking of which, Ava asks if Mooney's sure he wants to go this way, but Mooney, gun drawn, has her assume the arrestee position. Ava, catching up quick, guesses that this wasn't Mooney's idea but Lee Manners', and he was surely after Boyd instead of her. Mooney: "You'll do." Can't argue with that...

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