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Shades Of Grey

...because, with the sun just up, Boyd peels up to the scene of the crime just as Lee Manners is confirming to Mooney that it's the body stolen from his place, adding with a wry smile, "I'd know that face anywhere." Hee. Boyd gets out of the car, sees Ava sitting forlornly in the back of Mooney's police cruiser, and promptly goes apeshit on Mooney, punching him twice before literally trying to choke the life out of him. Of course, some of Mooney's deputies succeed in pulling Boyd off their leader, and Mooney kicks him a few times as Boyd screams the animalistic cries of someone who's just lost more than he can bear. Mooney sneers for his guys to lock "this piece of shit" up, but Lee Manners belays that order, blithely offering that Boyd is upset, and he won't be any more trouble. He silkily addresses Boyd directly: "How about it, Mr. Crowder? You gonna be any more trouble?" Boyd may not be, but I'd imagine there are going to be riots when the populace hears that the dream of a Harlan Dairy Queen appears now to be dead.

Boyd staggers to his hands and knees and looks up to see the agent of his destruction -- Cassie. She refrains from saying anything about reaping what you sow, but I'm pretty sure it's implied. Cassie gets in her truck and drives away -- for her own safety, I hope she's not going to stop anytime soon -- while Boyd staggers over to Ava and promises he's going to get her a lawyer and have her out in day, but Ava -- who's sporting a big bruise on one cheek now -- replies, her voice breaking, that they both know that's not going to happen. Boyd desperately kisses her, but then it's time for her to go, and the scene ends with Boyd teetering on his feet as he stares at the turncoats before him. Boyd, I hate to bring up the Bible again at a time like this, but it's not like you haven't been asking for this all season: Pride goeth before a fall.

Winona has packed up her stuff from the hotel, and Raylan asks if she knows that she and the baby are safe. Winona: "I know. That's why I love you." Raylan smiles a bit at the callback, but he still apologizes for the whole thing, and Winona sighs that at least nobody died. I get what she's saying, but it's still a pretty hilarious statement given that she herself might have fired the bullet that killed LK. She comes in for a long, tender kiss, after which he asks her to call him when she lands and to say hello to her mother for him. She promises she will, and then she's gone, leaving Raylan to look a little regretful...

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