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Shades Of Grey

...but not nearly so as Boyd, who is not letting the early hour stop him from drowning his sorrows. I, on the other hand, cannot feel too sad, given that this scene heralds THE TRIMUPHANT RETURN OF WYNN DUFFY, his security guy (with benefits?) back at his side. Wynn asks Jimmy for another glass before bellying up to the bar next to Boyd and telling him the news from Detroit -- Sammy's running the show now, and he's made Wynn his man in charge of everything east of the Mississippi. Boyd drawls his hollow congratulations, probably supposing that Wynn came to gloat, but Wynn points out that through all the strife, bloodshed and turmoil of the season, the two of them survived. And that's not even counting the times they tried to kill each other. Wynn's point is that he wants to honor his promise and have Boyd handle his heroin distribution in Kentucky, and I'm not sure if Wynn's doing this out of respect for Boyd staying behind to clean up the Shelby mess when he fled, but Wynn one hundred percent does not need to be doing this, so I think we're safe in thinking the offer is as honest and genuine as he gets. Boyd laughs mirthlessly at how hollow this victory feels at the moment, but when Wynn instructs him to nod if he's interested, Boyd slowly complies. And not that anyone's thinking about him anymore, but Wynn and Boyd getting together like this has to be the final galling nail in Johnny Crowder's coffin. Wynn assures Boyd they're both going to be very wealthy, and with Ava's upcoming legal fees that would seem to be good news...

...but Boyd's not interested in good news now, only wallowing, as he breaks into that gracious home in Clover Hill he and Ava were going to buy. After dealing with the alarm -- he must have memorized the code when the real-estate broker entered it after Ava set it off, which is hilarious -- he stares out into the lovely backyard, accompanied by some Sad Strings on the soundtrack and wondering how the dream could have died so quickly and thoroughly. It's too bad there's no one else there to tell him, "Forget it, Boyd -- it's Harlantown."

Speaking of introspection, at Arlo's, Raylan is symbolically spackling up that big hole in the wall that started this whole wonderful season. When he's satisfied, he grabs a beer and answers his phone, asking Art what's up. Art and Vasquez relay the news about Sammy being in charge and Augustine having been found dead, and for once, Art's tone doesn't suggest he thinks Raylan was involved in any way. Heading outside, Raylan plays along, wondering if Art's going to remind him that he told him it would play out as it did. Art replies that he likes to think he's a bigger person than that. "But I did tell you so." Hee. Also, I just realized that if every season takes place over as short a time period as this one, it'll be like Season 27 before Art's forced to retire.

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