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Shades Of Grey

This, however, proves to be part of Raylan's plan, as he collapses against the guy in apparent pain -- only to lift his gun from its holster and shoot him clean through. Using the guy's corpse as a shield, he then puts a bullet through the Non-Speaking Extra Goon's head (no SAG card for you!) as Winona shrieks -- with good reason, as LK grabs her and points his piece right at her stomach. He warns Raylan to think the situation through, adding that even if Raylan gets him, it won't solve his problem. "You think this beard makes me Santa? I'm an elf. You don't get me to Shelby, all of you -- [Winona], the baby -- you're all on [Augustine's] list. Marked for life." Raylan's only response is a furious glower, and LK makes the mistake of raising his gun toward him -- because what he did not realize is that Winona managed to pick up Non-Speaking Extra Goon's gun, which the proximity of her arm to LK's body then kept hidden from his view, and so when he takes his weapon off her, she shoots him in the groin. Well, I'd wince on his behalf, but he did threaten to put a bullet into Winona's pregnant uterus, so it kind of seems like a fitting response.

Raylan shoots LK up as Winona, having wasted no time in getting to Raylan's side, joins his effort, and her protective-mother skills seem to have made her as quick a shot as Raylan, so that's another reason not to go around menacing pregnant ladies, in case you needed any more. And just so you know the camera has a sense of humor about the whole thing, we get a shot of LK's corpse with the unblemished chair silently rocking back and forth as if in celebration of the messy affair. Winona and Raylan don't speak, but the former shows what a pro she is by removing the clip from her appropriated gun. Like Raylan said, that's why he loves her.

Ava, still in that pinched, panicked voice, says she doesn't exactly fancy the idea of running away and starting over, but there doesn't seem to be any other choice. Boyd replies that she's not going anywhere without him, but adds that with the "world being what it is today," he's not sure where they could go that they wouldn't be found. I mean, fleeing the country's an option, right? Wynn did it, Shelby would have done it, and as we'll soon learn, we can add Tonin to the list. Boyd, however, says he's got one more card to play, to which Ava points out that they have Delroy's body. Boyd: "They think they got Delroy's body." This episode is too serious for a Banjo of Wacky Hijinx here, and more's the pity.

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