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Shades Of Grey

Outside Winona's, an ambulance is of course on scene, as are Art and Vasquez. Raylan tells Art that he's not so much concerned with the as-yet-unidentified thugs as with Augustine, but Vasquez interjects that he's only worried about making sure the case against Tonin goes through. Art adds that Tonin exited the U.S. for extradition-free Tunisia a couple days earlier, so I guess this means he's going to be tried in absentia on Shelby's testimony, which in turn suggests he's never coming back. Raylan doesn't see how this helps him, since this conflict has obviously become personal to Augustine, but Art informs Raylan that Tonin's son Sammy -- you remember, he's the one played by Max Perlich who Quarles threatened last season, much to his later regret -- has inherited the kingdom and also is not so fond of Augustine. Vasquez: "It's all very Shakespearean." Hee. Raylan, given his own history with Sammy, is not so thrilled with the prospect of Sammy being his savior -- he's "scared of his own shadow, 'cause his shadow could kick his ass" -- but Art thinks Sammy will never accept Augustine as his second-in-command. Raylan still isn't mollified, though, and despite the fact that his point that Augustine won't simply drop his mark against Raylan is valid, Raylan is also, understandably given the day he's had, fairly petulant about it, so Art shoos Vasquez away as Raylan gets more heated that he should be able to work the case despite being suspended.

Art informs him that the suspension isn't an issue as Raylan goes on that they're wheeling bodies out of his kid's goddamn nursery! Art, his face hard as stone: "That's why." Mm-hmm. That remark hangs thick in the air for a long moment before Raylan concedes defeat. "And when [Augustine] makes good on his threat to kill Winona and the baby, that's gonna be on you." That one hurts, and Art doesn't really have a direct answer to it, but he sincerely tells Raylan that honestly, he can't imagine what he's going through. "But just so we're clear, if you go after [Augustine], don't bother comin' back." I don't envy either of them in this scene, but speaking of not being able to imagine a particular ordeal, I wouldn't want to be Art explaining why he had to can Raylan to Rachel and Tim. They regard each other for another moment before Art walks away...

...and then Raylan is checking on Winona, who's in the back of the ambulance. Luckily, budget cuts around here don't seem to be severe enough that she has to share the ride with one of the corpses. Raylan asks if she's okay, and when she replies in the negative, he asks if it's the baby, so she clarifies that she and the baby are fine, "but everything is not okay." For one thing, that nursery is going to need an industrial-strength cleaning. Getting her meaning, Raylan asks the medical guy in there with them if they could have a second, and when he's gone, he tells Winona that she's going to be fine. She replies that she's having a hard enough time without him lying to her, and the show is confident enough in itself to allow Raylan to be silent for a full fifteen seconds as he considers how to assuage her fears. He finally tells her they're going to take her to a hotel with a protection detail, and Winona sighs. "Maybe one of them could be my birthin' coach." I mean, it wouldn't shock me if that's part of the training. Best to be prepared! Raylan tells her that if she needs anything from the house, she should get it now, so she asks what he's going to do. Raylan: "I'm gonna find the guy responsible for this, and I'm gonna take care of it." And whatever ups and downs she and Raylan may have had, I feel pretty solid in thinking that that's all Winona needs to hear to feel a little better.

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