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Shades Of Grey

At the bar, Ava and Boyd are waiting anxiously when Lee Manners and Mooney enter, the former of whom Boyd thanks for coming down. Mooney asks what he's doing there, as he doesn't work for Boyd anymore. I suppose this confirms that Boyd had not just Shelby but his whole department in his pocket for a time, which confirms Raylan's suspicions, but Boyd tells Mooney he does work for Lee Manners (guess that's a reference to Shelby's tight relationship with Clover Hill), and Lee Manners works for Boyd. I don't know to what degree Boyd is counting on Tonin having been a little busy lately to have bothered to reverse the local influence he bestowed on Boyd, but whatever the case, Lee Manners stares daggers at Boyd for that characterization but holds his tongue, and soon Boyd gets to the point: He knows law enforcement uses Lee Manners' funeral home as a field morgue when the need arises, and as such, there is currently a body within those walls that was recovered from a mineshaft that morning. He asks Mooney if law enforcement has IDed the corpse yet, and Mooney replies that the medical examiner will be arriving in the morning to pronounce the identification and the cause of death.

From here, there are some fits and starts involving protestations of the "if you are suggesting that I break the law, sir" variety, but it comes down to this: Boyd strong-arms Lee Manners into agreeing to replace Delroy's body with another, after which he can consider his debt to Boyd repaid in full. Of course, Mooney may have heard from Shelby how unreliable Boyd's promises of a clean slate can be, so maybe it doesn't take a dippy psychic to see what might be coming.

Later, Boyd and Jimmy are digging up a grave by lantern's light, and while I'm always in favor of character beats and humor, Jimmy's fear of graveyards, his false step that breaks open the cheap coffin cardboard, and his subsequent screams of bloody murder are not the stuff on which to spend much season-finale ink on, so let's get to the point: Before them lies a "Henry Willis," who became an oxy addict at the ripe old age of fifteen, which explains what they see now. After a couple words for their fallen lowlife, Boyd tells Jimmy they're never going to get him out in one piece, so Jimmy should get a bag from the van so they can "take him to go." You know, in case you were getting hungry during this broadcast.

Cut back to the bar, with Ava entering the back room to find Jimmy and Boyd, the latter of whom, with a pointed look at Jimmy, tells Ava that the errand went "almost as planned." Hee. Ava also discovers, to her understandable shock, that the corpse in question is lying in the bar at that moment. Boyd assures her, however, that he only brought it in because he couldn't well leave it out in the car unattended, and that they only need house it until Jimmy returns with the funeral truck. Pursuant to that, he sends Jimmy on his way before babbling to Ava the details of their plan, all of which we either already know or are obvious, the exception being that the journey for Delroy's corpse is going to end at the bottom of the slurry pond. Given what happens, I'm starting to think that any plan involving the slurry pond is cursed to fail.

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