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Shades Of Grey

Mooney leads Ava, Jimmy and the unfortunate Henry Willis into a room in Lee Manners' funeral home. He asks Ava if she's ever witnessed an autopsy, and when she tells him no, he replies, with morbid enthusiasm, that they don't leave much to the imagination. Ava, of course, would like to get her job done and get out of there, so she asks Mooney where Delroy is, and Mooney points her to the "icebox." The three of them enter, and upon seeing two sheet-covered corpses therein, Ava reasonably asks which one is Delroy. Mooney: "The one that looks like beef jerky." As if you needed another reason not to eat the stuff. Door Number One reveals a recognizable foot with a "John Doe" toe tag (that was shamelessly used in the promos, don't you know), while pulling back the second sheet is a winner, as it looks like the props team got hold of the Inca Mummy Girl from Buffy. After a couple procedural notes, Ava expresses the desire to get this over with, and she'll hear no argument from me...

...so let's visit with Augustine, who's chomping on some food in a diner as Picker wonders about the wisdom of accepting a visit from Boyd and Raylan out of the blue like this. Augustine replies that after everything he's heard about Raylan, there's no way he's turning down a face-to-face meeting, and besides, maybe he's looking to cut a deal. I'd imagine having someone like Raylan in his pocket would be of interest to Augustine, which I think is what he's getting at, but Picker, who's met Raylan, has his doubts and wonders whether it might be a setup. Surprisingly, the fact that Boyd is bringing Raylan was apparently a big factor for Augustine, as he trusts Boyd enough not to just hand them up to the Feds, but Picker brings up another factor -- they're already overdue to go home and pledge their allegiance or whatever to Sammy, who by the way is annoyed with them for going after Winona. Augustine is basically like, fuck Sammy, and by the way, they wouldn't even be in this situation if Picker had killed Raylan at the high school. Picker scoffs, and while he doesn't bring up the fact that while Raylan might not have survived a firefight, Picker surely would have joined him, he does say that the cops pulled up, and if he'd followed Augustine's plan, it would have merely drawn heat "as usual." So it sounds like Sammy's not the only one who thinks Augustine is a loose cannon. Augustine dismissively tells Picker he thinks too much and tells him to pay the check as he heads to the car. Picker seethes, and as much of a thinker as he may be, I still think being on his bad side could be hazardous to your health.

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