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Shades Of Grey

In the car, Boyd asks Raylan if he has a plan, and Raylan says he does -- to sit across from Augustine and tell him that the game's the game, but you don't go after a man's family. Well, Boyd, you didn't ask him if he had a good plan. Boyd opts not to comment on that, however, in favor of assuring Raylan that any Winona-related information did not come from him (Raylan acknowledges this with a terse "Okay") before pointing that out perhaps Raylan isn't one to talk about "going straight at a man instead of what he loves." Of course, the difference is that Ava killed a man, even though she certainly had reason enough, but Raylan won't waste his time splitting that hair when he can bring this to bear; "You love her, huh -- Ava? Love her like how? Like how you loved the Lord, and your lovely white skin? Or how you loved Arlo -- I know he meant a lot to you." Boy, nothing like someone who's been your frenemy for thirty-plus years to give it to you this succinct and sugar-free.

Boyd, unfazed, remarks that it's funny how you can know someone your whole life and still not know him at all, and then wonders if Raylan is jealous that "I've gotten to open a present that will never be under your Christmas tree." Er... does Boyd not know that Raylan has, well, unwrapped Ava in the past? I know he was in prison during that time, but you'd think someone would have mentioned that at some point. Raylan replies that Boyd loves anything that allows him to go to bed at night believing he isn't the bad guy. Boyd declines to address that for the moment, instead asking what Raylan will do if Augustine denies knowledge of Winona -- arrest him? Raylan tells him that's not going to happen: "This ends tonight." He sounds pretty sure of himself, which adds to the drama. Boyd wonders if he's going to rely on Augustine pulling, like he did with the Miami guy in the very first scene ever on this show, and asks what Raylan will do if he doesn't. Raylan tells him "they always do," but Boyd thinks it's okay -- Raylan can just murder him where he sits. This makes Raylan look a bit uncomfortable, which is a lot more understandable if you know how things are going to play out, and now Boyd goes for the kill, so to speak: "What do you tell yourself when you lay your head down that allows you to wake up in the mornin' pretendin' that you're not the bad guy?" Raylan considers the question like it's got some merit...

...while Ava pulls a different car to a stop, prompting Jimmy to ask what's up. I don't know if she's worried about dragging him further into a crime for which she's responsible or if she just doesn't want to deal with his whining about the dead guy -- given what a career criminal he seems to be, the latter is looking more plausible -- but either way, she tells him to get out, ignoring his protests that Boyd wouldn't like him to leave her on her own. He acquiesces, and it's tough to be hard on him unless you think you'd have the stomach to stand up to Ava.

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