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Les Cousins Dangereux

Oh, remember Monroe's maid/other-service provider Gloria? In a hotel room or other space that is not the big house, she's disrobing and telling Monroe she missed him and two days "without it" was so hard for her so eff the judicial system, and if that's not romantic enough, as he gets into bed with her he speculates that maybe "they thought she'd get one of them mandingos you grew up with to come and help you pass the time." If I can't even think of anything to say to that, I can only imagine what it's like for a writer to churn lines like this out. Gloria is mildly (and not nearly sufficiently) disgusted, but as he holds her from behind a little too tightly, he notes that Louisville isn't so far and [more racist language that's not worth memorializing]. She wonders why he has to be such a jerk "sometimes," but as it happens he's on about the man who came to the house the night before and drew Raylan out; "you break into a house like mine, you either gotta know how to bypass the maximum-security codes or you gotta be able to draw the person staying there out."

He goes on that someone would only do that if he knew there was something inside worth his while and how to get to it, and it seems like he's making an awful lot of assumptions here; for one thing, if Gloria were this nonexistent man's co-conspirator, is this really the best plan she'd come up with, knowing the house as she does? But Monroe is sure enough of himself that he's not about to give Gloria a chance to argue her case -- at least not before choking her to the point where she can barely talk. Taking him seriously now, she weakly gasps that she doesn't know what he's thinking, but he's like, that doesn't matter -- what matters is that he can't abide anyone but the two of them knowing about the location of "that gold." He finally drops his faux-casual act as he whispers that it's such a betrayal, after which he takes a pillow and holds it over her face to smother her. She kicks and struggles, but he holds fast, grunting with animalistic effort -- until he once again lets go, and as I said in the recaplet I'm sorry for Gloria but one more time and it's going to be funny. The upshot of Gloria having had her life flash before her eyes, though, is that she recalls that "Duffy" put the hidden safe in, and while he may not have known what it was going to house, he'd surely have realized it would be quite valuable. Monroe seems immediately to believe her, and he gathers her in his arms in quite a different way as he says as much, adding that it just would have been easier if she hadn't been so "argumentative." Great, now I have to watch the scene again, because I don't remember that at all. First, though, Monroe says he's going to need Gloria to go in and get the gold for him, and while Gloria might point out how slim her chances of success are, I'd imagine she might not survive another accusation of being argumentative.

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