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Slit For Splat

Roz covers him, but when Adair tells her to shoot him, she balks, leaving Raylan open: "Jesus, girl, you just showed me your tits forty-five minutes ago!" Well, Raylan, such a betrayal happens all the time in Bond movies -- usually in more like forty-five seconds, too. Raylan gets more serious, though, as he displays his badge and identifies himself as "a Deputy U.S. Marshal with a one-time offer." This violates most commonsense advice, Roz, but given that it's Raylan I'd take it without waiting to hear the details. But she's a savvier negotiator than I, so he goes on that if she'll give him the gun, he'll grant her and Benny a free pass for stealing her car. It takes a few seconds, but he's got her; unfortunately, once again before she can hand over the gun, the metal dealer enters with Bob (he's got, presumably, Bob's gun on him) and, to add insult to injury, his go-bag. Heh. Raylan tries to temper his disgust, given how life-or-death this situation just became, but he does ask how it happened, and the dude can't wait to reveal that Bob asked him to pull on him, and he punched him in the nose. Bob: "He did it wrong!" Hee.

Raylan isn't amused like I am, but neither does he allow himself to get distracted, as he tells Adair to reverse the steps he just took forward before offering the metal dealer amnesty. The guy counters that it's not as good as Adair's offer, and Benny pipes up that it's ten grand, but Raylan, in a voice you'd use on a fibbing child, asks Adair if he has ten grand stuck up his ass. Roz pipes up that it's hidden up in Lexington, and Raylan looks like he just realized he's dealing with a bunch of Ellen Mays but soldiers on and says that in addition to letting them go, he'll give them whatever's in his wallet, which must be at least five hundred bucks. Of course, if he was in the financial shape to carry around five hundred in cash, he probably wouldn't need to hire out for bounty-hunter work, but regardless, Roz has "Henry" check his wallet, and Henry announces, "Twelve bucks, Piggly Wiggly card!" Hee. Of course, this was all a ploy, as Raylan takes advantage of the new proximity to elbow Henry in the face, and then Bob tries to redeem himself by charging Adair, only to get booted in the groin for his trouble.

Before you know it, Adair has the gun in one hand and Roz in the other as a hostage, and, apparently willing to bet Raylan won't take a shot, makes to take the Marshal down. What he doesn't see is that Bob has drawn his knife and inched along the floor, and, with no time to spare, he raises the knife -- and stabs Roz in the foot. It's not clear if this was his intention or if he was going for Adair and missed, but either way, Roz collapsing in pain has as good an effect as could have been hoped, as she pulls Adair down with her, and by the time he can recover, Raylan is on him, and it's over in a second. Well, actually, I'm not sure what Raylan's going to do about handcuffs, but that's a problem for the commercial break. Hilariously, Benny asks if they can still take Raylan up on his offer, but despite Bob's answering scoff, Raylan says yes -- if they'll tell him why they were so hot on getting the bag. Benny and Roz look at each other, but they might as well talk. I mean, she's not going anywhere fast.

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