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Slit For Splat

Boyd then tells Colton to "take care of" Hiram, and Hiram does -- by shooting Hiram in the head. Boyd flinches as hard as you'll ever see and asks what the hell that was -- he only meant Colton should untie Hiram, and Colton's basically like, "Whoops!" I suppose, given Colton's earlier questions about killing, Boyd had reason not to think Colton would do this, but it wouldn't have hurt to be clearer, as Boyd realizes: "Well, I guess I have to be more careful with my words." On the other hand, it looks like Colton's taken the job.

Raylan enters the bar and is pointed upstairs, where he finds Lindsey, who apologizes for using his bathroom. He doesn't mind so much, and their ensuing small talk makes it clear that he told her all about his bounty-hunting errand -- even the part about the "super-hot" bail bondswoman. He tells her he got ten grand, but although I assume he got more than the original three for bringing Adair in personally, the shot of him hastily putting the money away in a drawer makes it seem like he still might be lying about the amount, although I'm not sure why he would. Lindsey then says she should get back downstairs for "Come Get Effed-Up Friday," but Raylan cozies up to her and asks if she really needs to be down there soon, and she concedes that "soon" might have some flexibility in the definition.

Boyd hides the money he just got from Hiram in the ceiling, so I guess he wasn't kidding about Colton not telling Ava. Just a thought, but with Bob having made such a big deal about his go-bag earlier, I wonder if there's going to be a theme this season of people preparing to leave Harlan if necessary. Boyd then sits down and regards the one bit of "currency" he didn't stash -- the Last Chance Holiness bill...

...which leads us, finally, to the tent/church in question. Preacher Billy is an unassuming-looking young man, played by 29-year-old Joe Mazzello, who (a) worked with Graham Yost on The Pacific, and, far more hilariously, (b) was the kid in Jurassic Park. Here, he starts dancing to typical up-tempo Pentecostal music -- the kind that's great for standing and speaking in tongues, as one lady does (it's mostly fast "Hallelujahs," but I think I heard some gibberish in there as well) -- and, of course, handling a large snake. I'm actually not particularly squeamish when it comes to snakes -- I had a friend in elementary school who owned a python and brought it into class often enough -- but watching the handling of venomous snakes is always like waiting for the other shoe to drop, so this injects baseline tension into a subplot that I expect will be fraught with it soon enough.

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