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Slit For Splat

Preacher Billy tells the gathered crowd -- I'd put the number somewhere in the thirties -- that they will be saved by following signs, and then speculates that what everyone there really wants to know is -- referencing the serpent in his hand -- does he get bit? The answer, he claims, is yes -- he's been bitten twice so far by the snake in his hand -- he holds her up for emphasis -- and says he survived by the Lord's wishes. He goes on, however, that not all survive, and, putting his arm around a blonde woman on the stage, he says "[their] Daddy" died from a snakebite, as did his father before him, so I guess (a) this woman is his sister, and (b) with all the jostling these kids probably did to impress their parents, the snakes in their house got quite a workout. Preacher Billy concludes that dying in such a manner is the highest example of obedience to the Lord, and then wonders why the newcomers are there -- to watch the hillbilly with the snakes, or to be saved? Well, between those choices, I know which one I'd pick, but he repeats the question more gently to one specific person seated in the back -- Ellen May. She looks scared, but she shouldn't worry -- I'm sure the venom is mellow.

The prisoner who had his eyes on Arlo and Raylan earlier wheels a cart of books down the hall between cells, and when he reaches Arlo's, he motions to the guard to open it. This wakes Arlo up, and he says he didn't ask for a book, but the guy, who looks uncannily like a younger Michael Madsen and who Arlo addresses as "Trustee," references what Raylan had with him, saying he heard about a bag like it once before and it could be worth some money. He makes it sound like the stuff of shadowy legend so much I'm reminded of The Monkey's Paw, and let's just say the way the scene ends doesn't exactly make the thing's history any more savory.

Michael Madsen Jr. quizzes Arlo on what Raylan showed him, particularly the name on the license, but Arlo lies that he doesn't know. Michael Madsen Jr. declares his intention to make a call and find out what the bag might be worth, but Arlo tells him first to give him a book, and when Michael Madsen Jr. scoffs that he doesn't read, Arlo says he can. "Just don't choose to, usually." You probably don't need the clue, but it is a nice touch that Arlo just told Raylan he can't read a thing without his glasses, because I don't see any around. Michael Madsen Jr. makes the mistake of turning his back on Arlo as he peruses his selection, a mistake that proves to be fatal (it seems, anyway) when Arlo, quick as a cat, sneaks a blade out of his mattress, gets to his feet, and slits Michael Madsen Jr.'s jugular and carotid artery, leaving Michael Madsen Jr. to gasp, "Why?" And unlike Nancy Kerrigan, he'll never get an answer. As alarms go off, Arlo regards his handiwork, and then lets his weapon -- his toothbrush, with a small razor blade attached to the end -- cinematically fall to the ground. As guards rush into the cellblock, Arlo deliberately lies back down and regards his stained hands, writing this chapter into the bag's bloody history. And I don't know about you, but for me, a chilling reminder that Arlo is not some addled cuddly bunny is quite the way to send Justified in a slightly new and exciting direction. See you next week!

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