Hole In The Wall

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Slit For Splat

We come back to a close-up of a pocket watch, and I trust you won't need three guesses to figure out to whom it belongs. Boyd drawls to a "Hiram" about Hiram having been saved, and Hiram confirms that, but when Boyd asks if there was a human component to said redemption, Hiram uncertainly replies, "I gotta be honest now, Boyd; lot of times, the way you say things, I can't make hide nor hair." We'll have ample evidence this episode that Hiram is not the sharpest tack, but I can't say he hasn't got a point here. Boyd clarifies his question -- does Hiram owe his conversion to a church -- and Hiram confirms that "Last Chance Holiness" is responsible for his spiritual turnaround. Boyd, who looks more sunken-eyed and skeletal than ever -- I adore Walton Goggins, but if he survives to Season Six, I suspect he's going to be a talking skull with spiky hair -- confesses that he hasn't heard of "that collection plate," so Hiram tells him it's new, and it's just a tent in the woods now, but "Preacher Billy" is the real deal. Hiram goes on to excitedly babble that PB has been healing "the afflicted," including addicts, which is why Boyd's oxy sales have dropped off. Boyd looks at his watch again, and I didn't catch this on first viewing but it's almost like he's waiting for something to happen, and then tells Hiram that while receiving the Lord into one's heart is quite lovely -- he'd know, of course -- the fact that Hiram's conversion happened only a week ago is problematic, since he -- he's one of Boyd's dealers, don't you know -- got a shipment of oxy three weeks ago that's yet to be paid for. Hiram says he stopped selling before then, and what's more, he flushed "that poison" down the toilet. Boyd selectively quotes some Scripture in babbling about pills being just like holy wine, and he sounds good saying it, but it's hard to argue with Hiram's contention that Boyd is just "twisting the word of God for [his] own dark purposes." Still, Boyd gets the last word when, after he steps away from the window, a car outside -- presumably Hiram's -- blows up, and I couldn't see if he detonated it just now or if it was on timer, but the latter would explain him keeping such a careful eye on his watch. Surprisingly, Boyd foregoes any wordplay on "dark purposes" and the brightness of the spectacle outside, but he does caution Hiram that if he doesn't have his money by the following evening, "the next firecracker's gonna go off in here." He sidles on out, the light from the explosion still shining through the translucent glass...

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