Hole In The Wall

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Slit For Splat

...while Bob is leading Raylan into Arlo's place, explaining that he installed a motion detector that sends him a text every time it picks something up. Raylan asks how much that's costing him, so he's got Bob looking after the place, which would be more touching if he weren't likely doing it in case Arlo tried anything. Of course, having seen the rest of the episode, it's hard to give Raylan a hard time for that. When Raylan sees the size of the hole the kids made, he sighs that he's not "gonna cover that up with the smell of bakin' cookies," and then Bob talks about how if he'd caught the kids, he would have "opened a Costco-size can a whup-ass on 'em," and given that we saw Bob decline even to chase the kids in his car, I think we can be pretty sure that Bob hasn't risen past the rank of constable for reasons different than he thinks. The ensuing conversation gives further evidence of Bob's blowhard nature while establishing that these two have known each other at least since high school, but we sooner have more important things on which to focus, as Raylan gets the bag out of the wall. In it, he doesn't find any drugs, but does find a Kentucky driver's license for a "Waldo Truth," of Versailles, issued in 1979. He looks at Bob, but Bob merely shrugs...

...and then we cut to outside, where Bob is saying he knows everyone thinks being a constable is a joke, and it's like the show knows his prattle works better as background noise, because while he's talking, we get a close-up of the bag, which reads "Correspondence Diplomatica." That seems mixed-up in terms of the languages involved, but regardless of whether a PA screwed up using Google Translate or not, it seems like a clear indication of the thing's importance even without benefit of seeing the opening splat. Bob goes on about how people can underestimate him at their peril, which makes me wonder if he's planning on going on a competitive reality show anytime soon, and Raylan's response makes the early dynamic look pretty clearly like he's got reasonable affection for Bob, although he reserves the right to secretly laugh at him at his discretion. Bob concludes by saying he's always at Raylan's disposal -- he's got a "go-bag" ready for the occasion -- and then swaggers back to his car while Raylan opens up the trunk, tosses the bag back there, and tells Adair, whose mood does not look improved by his stint in the dark, that he's got to make one more stop. "Stay quiet, I'll let you back up front." Hey, Raylan's kid, make a note -- you might want to behave yourself on road trips with Dad. Meanwhile, from a car a ways off, Benny and Roz observe everything that's happened.

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