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Slit For Splat

Ava has shown up to Ellen May's trailer for some damage control, and Ellen May explains that "Arnold" is a furry. Wait, she knew that? Now I'm kind of fascinated to see if they can make her any dumber. She goes on that Arnold usually dresses as a bunny and that the bear suit was a good costume, and as much as her backwoodsness annoys me, it does mean I'll have to grant her that one. She wonders if he'll press charges, but Ava says as a "judge executive," he's not really going to be in position to for image reasons. However, she wonders what the hell Ellen May was doing with a gun at work, and when Ellen May says she's been hit, Ava says if a man does that to her, to tell her and she'll take care of it. Ellen May thinks she's being sly when she counters that it's not just clients who hit, but Ava's like, I killed a man for you, so maybe consider that my well-deserved payment? Ellen May gets more general when she says she just feels scared and low, so Ava sits with her and reminds her that's why she told her to get off meth, and coke too. "You can't do the jittery stuff, Ellen May!" After today, I reckon Arnold's no fan of her on the "mellow" stuff either. Ellen May nods despondently, and Ava tells her there will have to be consequences for what she's done, although she'll have to confer with Boyd to figure out what they are. She then offhandedly picks up the bill and notes the church's name before telling Ellen May that whatever happens, she can't have a gun at work. Ellen May sincerely says she knows, so Ava leaves her to once again contemplate the bill in her hands. It's true it's not real, hon, but for shooting up a client, you're lucky to get even that.

Raylan's in a hardware store, and the proprietor, "Mike," is asking after Arlo's mental state, recalling that the last time he was in, he stood by the wall staring into space for a five-minute stretch at one point. He adds that it unnerved him, so I'd suggest he not watch me when I'm recapping past midnight. Raylan tells Mike he's not going to be subject to such problems, as he doesn't plan on seeing Arlo, but his attention is then diverted by Roz, who's spilled a bunch of, as we'll learn, screws on the floor. She makes a joke about having a screw loose, and then, when Raylan approaches, holds one up and asks if he wants one. It having been a long time since Raylan got this forward an overture from someone with braces, he's a bit flustered but says he's all right, but when he pushes past her to go, she asks his opinion: "How are these?" She lifts up her shirt -- we don't see anything, but I'm including a bra in that statement -- and goes on that she was a late bloomer, and they only came in the year before. Raylan, whose eyebrows initially went north of the Mason-Dixon line, recovers to reply, "Patience is a virtue!" When he's gone, Roz heads for the back door, flashing Mike on the way, who accepts the toll with a big smile...

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