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Slit For Splat

...only to find the two men whooping excitedly in a bear hug. Boyd then introduces his Desert Storm friend, "Sgt. Colton Rhodes," played by Ron Eldard; Boyd then asks how many times Colton jailed him in Kuwait (Colton was in fact MP, as his comment earlier might have suggested), and Colton says he honestly lost count. I don't know what manner of things Boyd did to warrant arrest, but I certainly can't see him controlling his mouth in front of military authority. He'd make Bill Murray in Stripes seem obedient.

Raylan has called Bob, and after Bob says that the scam scenario Raylan fell for is happening a lot these days -- if that's true, Harlan should start handing out beads, Mardi Gras-style -- they get in Bob's car, whereupon Bob asks Raylan to go for his gun. Raylan sighs, but reluctantly gives in; he moves at about 1/300 of his normal speed, but Bob doesn't notice as he draws a knife and slashes air for a bit before saying that next year, the State Po-lice are going to take him. This goes on for a while, and Patton Oswalt is doing a fine job, and I give allowances for this being the season premiere, but a little less of the character tilting at windmills will go a longer way with me. However, he redeems himself by suggesting they check out the scrap yard first, as metal thieves will often sell stolen cars there. When Raylan hears that his car might be crushed, he tells Bob to get them there ten minutes ago, and even sanctions Bob's use of his lights and siren. Hee.

When they get to the scrap yard, Raylan is relieved to find that his car is still intact, but less so about discovering that the trunk is empty. Of course, the kids would have opened it up to retrieve the bag and gotten a little more than they bargained for, and even though the hardhat-sporting administrator of the establishment denies having seen who brought the thing in, Raylan and Bob know he's lying -- Bob because he knows the guy traffics in stolen cars, and as such would have paid the kids; Raylan because he knows the kids couldn't have gotten Adair out of there without being seen. Raylan also finds the empty hamburger bag -- either Adair scarfed those down once he got out, or he was pretty dextrous with his mouth -- and, without much further ado, he punches the metal dealer in his lying mouth, much to Bob's delight. Meanwhile, inside the site's office, Benny is holding a gun on Adair, who wonders if he's up to killing Raylan should it come down to it. Benny pretty clearly isn't, so Adair tells him he can handle it if Benny will only use a conveniently present angle grinder to cut his chains. Benny and Roz exchange a look, and then Benny hands her the gun and makes to free Adair. Adair gives them his secrets for tracking and robbing heroin dealers, and if they get out of this situation maybe Benny and Roz will branch out from wire-stripping and boob-flashing, but before Adair can retrieve the gun from Roz, Raylan enters.

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