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fy is getting frisked by a large security type, who then asks if he has any cats. Wynn counts out a delicious pause before asking, "Do you see any cats?" I mean, I do think it's possible -- even in this small space -- that there could be a concealed cat, but that doesn't mean there are many things for which I'd trade this line delivery. The guy calls outside that it's clear and then a man enters whom Wynn addresses as "Mr. Tonin." Although he thinks this is Theo Tonin, we know better as does Barclay, who just happens to be present for the meeting and warmly greets "Nick Augustine." This is the moment I was referring to in two separate places in the description of the last scene; one, it shows us that 1) Barclay is dirty, and 2) Nick is played by Mike O'Malley, who played (plays?) Kurt Hummel's dad Burt on Glee, the guy who married Finn's mom on the show and, as such, proves that the casting people have a sense of humor. Wynn looks a bit put off by Nick and Barclay's familiarity and gets more so when Augustine casually tells him that his muscle will have to wait outside, but he complies, whereupon Nick tells Wynn that he and Barclay grew up together in the projects. In tandem, they tell a war story about Barclay saving Nick from an arrest and I swear I felt this on first viewing, but I'm getting that sense of dread I had in the first scene, which is only magnified when Nick goes on that although Barclay's bailed him out many times, he wonders how he could have missed Thompson still being alive. Barclay tells him that got by everyone, but wonders if Theo is upset and Nick responds, "Theo's talking to The Ear. You tell me." I don't know who or what that is, but my sense is that people and organizations named after body parts are not the sort you generally want in your life. Barclay says he doesn't think the investigation is going to lead to Thompson, but Nick wants to know that Barclay has it handled if it does and Barclay assures him he does -- he'll be the first one on the scene and will claim he reached for a weapon... and boom.

Nick, however, informs Barclay that Theo wants Thompson alive and Barclay drops the ingratiating smile for a second as he says that's not how it works. Nick asks how, then, it does work with a chuckle that's about as terrifying as the scarier parts of It, but when Barclay says he won't have access to Thompson once he's in custody, Nick lets us know why Theo is after him so bad -- Thompson shot Theo on a runway in Panama, left him for dead and stole $2 million in cocaine from him, which "put [him] in a jam with some very nasty people." Probably with names like "The Face" and "The Kneecap." Wynn pipes up that he might be able to help, given his knowledge of Arlo and the Crowders and Nick starts to say that's exactly why he's there, but Barclay objects. On most shows, failure to read a room wouldn't literally be fatal, but Barclay's been on this one long enough to know better. For, you see, Barclay says that while he's got it covered, it'll cost a quarter of a million dollars, prompting Nick to ask if he's just planning to take off with the money. Barclay's like -- who me? That's ridiculous! -- but Nick tells him he hears the Feds don't even have the case anymore. And given that he was sitting on that knowledge this whole scene, I wouldn't want to play poker with Nick beyond the obvious reasons. Barclay wonders where he heard that, but Nick asks, "Do you really think that you're the only guy Theo's got left in the FBI?" And with that, he pulls his gun and blows his lifelong friend's brains out, which I guess spares Barclay the trouble of figuring out whether that question as rhetorical. Also, you gotta give Wynn Duffy -- sitting right next to Barclay on the couch -- credit for not even blinking as a fine spray of blood appears on his forehead. Of course, he pretty much pulled the exact same move three episodes ago, so professional pride kind of dictates that he not flinch here. Nick turns to Wynn and continues that Theo would like him to find Drew Thompson and Wynn's answer is among the acceptable: "It's not a problem."

Colton turns up to Shelby's office and asks about Ellen May, saying that one of the deputies picked her up, but after Shelby checks the blotter (with Colton uninvitingly leaning over his shoulder), he tells him there's nothing about it. Colton, freaking out a bit (and it's fitting that this show is punishing him so severely for a momentary crisis of conscience), tells Shelby he's sure that she was picked up at the Reliable gas station, but after declining a call from Boyd, he tells Shelby he just wanted to give him the heads-up that he's out looking for her. Shelby asks if he should calls him at the bar if he finds anything out, but Colton's like, maybe we'll keep this need-to-know for both our sakes? He tells Shelby he'll call him...

...and then we move to happier people, as Boyd is triumphantly telling Johnny that they have a visitor from Frankfort coming in a few minutes. After establishing that it's Wynn, Johnny wonders if maybe he's coming on a nefarious errand, but Boyd merely tells him to keep his sawed-off shotgun within reach. He adds, "You got my back, Cousin Johnny," and Johnny manages to make his reply of "Always" sound like "Stop being such a smug fucker" instead of "I am going to kill you so dead, and I am not joking." Boyd then heads to the door to greet Wynn -- only to find Colton, which wipes the smile off his face quick enough. He sits him down and asks where the hell he's been and Colton feeds him a cock-and-bull story about how he had to sleep, as he thinks he's catching something. Boyd is like, maybe you haven't heard, but part of the protocol of contract killing is a timely subsequent report? He presses Colton for details about the crime and Colton has obviously prepared them in advance, but Boyd then throws him a curveball by asking what Ellen May's last words were. Colton: "'I'm cold.'" That's a pretty good pull, Colton. I can even hear her saying that. Just then, there's another knock at the door, so Boyd wraps it up with Colton: "Next time I reach out to you, I don't care if it's a smiley face -- you text me back." I don't know, Boyd, there's a lot of variety in emoticons these days. Surely "we pulled off the murder" requires something with a bit more nuance. Boyd goes to the door and as Johnny puts the shotgun on the bar, I'm amused by the "pay in cash or get served buckshot" sign on the register. Boyd welcomes "Mr. Duffy," and offers him a drink, but while Wynn thinks that's a good idea, he tells Boyd they need to talk first. Boyd's festive façade cracks slightly, but he leads Wynn into the back...

...where they sit, but not before Boyd draws his gun and lays it on the table. Wynn mildly says he thought they were building a basis of trust, but it's hard to argue with Boyd's reply: "Mr. Duffy, we are not trustworthy men." Heh. Wynn says they can still build a better future together. "Remember Glasnost?" Ha! Not that that's the most obscure term by a long shot, but one of the most enjoyable things about this show is the lowlifes' command of a wide array of intelligent references. Not to be outdone, Boyd points out that Perestroika went hand in hand with it, making the point that a power restructuring would be appropriate and Wynn responds by silently pulling out a stack of bills from his inside pocket and sliding it across the table. Boyd asks "what precipitated the change in your weathervane," and Wynn's response is that he needs Boyd to help him find someone. Not sure exactly what Wynn's going to add to the effort, but I'm sure Boyd doing all the work will merely affect the price and not the fact of the agreement.

Oh, look who it is -- Roz, the girl who was so free with her late bloomers in the season premiere. She's sitting in Constable Bob's car and when Raylan arrives on the scene, Bob tells him that she tried to run, but she didn't get far with the boot on her foot. Raylan: "Well, lucky you stabbed her last time, then. Thinking ahead." Hee. Bob then drops his voice to tell Raylan

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