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She's Got Me Like Nobody

At Paul Kinsey's, Raylan tells Jackie to wait in the car, while inside, Paul Kinsey is telling some blonde that his script is almost finished when there's an insistent knock on the door. Paul Kinsey opens up to find the cops and Raylan, the former of whom shove him up against the wall. Paul Kinsey coke-babbles for a while, but when the cops release him, he tells Raylan that Adair left a movie he wanted Raylan to see, and if I'm right about Paul Kinsey's preferred genre, at least we'll get to see some sex here. But while Paul Kinsey indeed says that Adair's "X-rated stuff is better than most," but this one merely features Adair spinning a basketball in his hands before telling Raylan through the fourth wall that they're going to meet again. The credits then roll, and Raylan looks like I did after I watched Arbitrage.

In the car, Raylan and Jackie are discussing the Adair situation, and when Jackie says she thinks Raylan would like Adair to find him, Raylan sighs that "it might be the only way to get 'er done." Jackie informs Raylan that she's got a "serious crush" on him, and I know what I said before about her possible untrustworthiness, but anyone having a crush on Raylan Givens doesn't exactly defy believability. Raylan, I think, is enjoying the attention, but says he wants to make a quick stop at the High Note, and Jackie asks if he thinks Adair might be there, citing the look on Raylan's face as evidence. And I have to say, given Raylan's propensity to keep things to himself, a woman who's an expert at reading non-verbal cues is a perfect match for him in a lot of ways. He pulls over and tells her to stay in the car...

...and then he's walking into the High Note. He looks intently in one direction for a few moments, and I'm not sure if he sees his quarry at this point, but whatever the case, he pulls the fire alarm... and, like, no one leaves. Hee. However, when Raylan makes his way over to the bar, the bartender supposes that this isn't a drill, and when Raylan confirms that, the bartender leads everyone out... everyone, that is, save Adair, who's sitting against the wall with a smirk on his face. Raylan informs him that, with Adair's formal declaration a matter of public record, Raylan would be perfectly entitled to pull on him right now, and no matter how many times they cover it, I never get tired of discussions of the Marshal Code. Adair gets to his feet and starts shambling toward Raylan as Raylan recalls that when they first met, Adair didn't think Raylan would shoot him, and as Raylan displays the badge on his belt, Adair chuckles like an idiot. Raylan, playing along, puts his hand on his gun and asks whether Adair thinks he'll do it now, and after they both drop the smiles, Adair says Raylan's not going to shoot him and goes for his gun -- whereupon Raylan drops him with three quick shots followed by a fourth for good measure, killing him dead. Like I said in the recaplet, not a lot of suspense, but I feel like Raylan needed a good kill, with everything that's been happening, and you can see on his face that there was some grim personal satisfaction in this one. Jackie enters and silently observes as Raylan checks that Adair is dead and then calls it in, and I wonder if he can use the events of this day to talk Art out of making him see Arlo.

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