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She's Got Me Like Nobody

Colton enters the bar, and Johnny rightly tells him he looks like "ten pounds of shit in a five-pound bag." Colton asks for a beer, but Johnny suggests he instead give him a salute to the Iraqi war hero. Colton invites him to introduce his lips to Colton's dick, but Johnny says he's just playing around, and figured Colton could handle it -- unless he can't, which might explain why he hasn't been around lately? Colton dismissively says he's been sick, so Johnny asks him if he ever gets fever dreams, like he does. "Make me feel like I'm goin' insane." Obviously, Johnny has decided to start circling Colton; I'd guess he doesn't know exactly how he's going to play this, but he knows he's got some valuable information, and he wouldn't be worthy of the Crowder name if he didn't consider his next play carefully. Johnny asks if Colton killed a lot of people, and wonders if killing people "over there" feels any different than killing them at home. Colton wonders if he's asking about killing white people, but no -- Johnny's referring to innocents. "Civilians, kids -- you see their faces in your dreams?" Colton tries to change the subject to how warm the beer is, but Johnny gets close to showing his hand: "Do you see Ellen May's face?" After a pause, Colton evenly enough says he hasn't, and Johnny says he wouldn't, since... "she wasn't exactly innocent, was she?" Colton looks at Johnny with interest, but it's hard to say what kind. But in an episode full of people with good poker faces, he kind of stands out.

Boyd has returned to Clover Hill, and the room full of gentlemen, including Judge Executive Furry, brings up the EPA Superfund, which provides tons of emergency funds for environmental-disaster relief, such as might be needed to clean up a broken slurry pond. Boyd, smelling which way the wind is blowing, guesses that they want Browning to "bust open one of his ponds so you can suck off the Federal teat." Ew. Boyd adds that obviously, Browning isn't willing to play along, and Lee Manners confirms that, but when Boyd supposes they want him to convince Browning to play along, Johns is like, sure, if by "convince him to play along" you mean send him down a mine shaft from which he'll never return. Any levity in the room goes right out the window and everyone watches intently as Boyd, obviously intimidated, asks what happens if he refuses? Johns informs Boyd that everything he has is due to them, and they let him have his drug trade and everything else to keep "your cross-eyed brethren down the mountain placated." Lee Manners puts Boyd in his social place by condescendingly asking if he knows what "placated" means, and there's no sarcastic or demonstrative speech in response, just a quiet, "Yes, sir, I do," although he does add that he thinks the word Lee Manners is looking for as "pacify." Lee Manners, however, isn't interested in a discussion of semantics, as he informs Boyd that he's missing the point. "Your daddy got the point. Crowders do what we say." And with Raylan continually plagued by his father, it's nice to see Boyd confronted with the specter of his own origins. Boyd looks haunted and frankly a little terrified, and Johns makes their orders plain: "Kill Frank Browning, or we'll destroy you."

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