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Shoot 'Em Up

Once the deed's done, Ava and Boyd end up flanking Raylan, so they all look on with bemused expressions as Raylan breathes, "Jesus, I hope I got that right." HA! Raylan Givens, you are just racking up the stories to tell your kid.

You'll forgive me for shorthanding this scene -- not only is this episode crazy eventful, it's also about five minutes longer than the norm. So Colton, looking around suspiciously, shows up at a busy local baseball field, sneaks into the groundskeeper's shed, and leaves the cash on top of the fuse box, per instructions he receives via text. From a distance, Johnny watches, and when he's satisfied Colton has complied, he tosses his burner phone into the garbage. I'd imagine he'll only come back for the money when he knows Colton is at the bar, so I hope for the groundskeeper's sake that he doesn't look too closely around his little space.

Boyd gets a call from Augustine, who introduces himself in a very mob-formal way before telling Boyd he's got only thirty seconds of his time, thanks to all the trouble he's caused them. Boyd tells him he can't really apologize for not dying at Deputy Enforcer's hand, but Augustine is referring to the fact that Boyd gave DE two wrong targets. Boyd, however, as is his wont, uses this as a positive, pointing out that in fact, he gave the names to Wynn. "Why would you want to back a man that got took when you can back the man who took him?" I'm liking this development enough that I'm going to let Boyd off the hook for misusing "begs the question."

Augustine seems to agree, as he smiles and tells Boyd to make his case, so Boyd tells him he's pretty sure Tonin needs a man down in Kentucky who actually knows the lay of the land and can bring to a successful conclusion not only the Thompson business but whatever future endeavors they might hope to undertake. Augustine tells Boyd to call him when he has Thompson and they'll discuss his future, and I trust everyone's following along closely enough to discern the implication that without Thompson, Boyd has no future. But speaking of obstacles to Boyd's continued existence, Boyd wonders if he might ask Augustine for something now. Augustine makes it clear that whatever Tonin might give him now will be considered a debt that needs repayment, but this is a line Boyd currently has to toe.

Back at the office, Shelby, who was presumably being deposed, emerges from somewhere to tell Raylan he believes he's out of trouble. Raylan, probably not entirely sarcastically (although as you know it's hard to tell with him), says he's relieved, and Art jauntily announces that he was "almost certain" Raylan wasn't a cop-killer. Heh. After a little confab about the DE -- they figure he's out of Detroit, obvs -- Art wonders if Browning could have been Thompson, since he was on Eve's list, but Raylan sighs that Browning's prints match his Army records from 1972 that list him under the same name, so that rules him out. Art and Raylan then express some chagrin at how long Eve's list still is -- twenty-six people even now that Browning is dead -- and then Shelby throws Johns and Lee Manners into the mix, saying that Boyd's been seen with them lately, and it could indicate that he thinks one of them could be Thompson. Art asks Shelby if he wouldn't mind keeping an eye on them for the moment, and Shelby agrees before adding that he'd also love to keep an eye on Eve, as Raylan tells him she's something to look at. I love the idea of Shelby and Raylan gossiping; seriously, I'd start lobbying for Shelby to hang out in the Marshals Office full-time if we didn't know that often leads to no screentime at all.

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