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Shoot 'Em Up

Art lets it be known that Eve is at "the motel with her security detail," and I should mention that Shelby's apparent interest in Eve is another reason cited for the "Shelby is Drew Thompson" theory, although I find it difficult to believe that Shelby, in his position, couldn't have tracked her down earlier if he'd wanted to. When Shelby's gone, Raylan confesses that he still doesn't entirely trust Shelby, and seriously, whoever's working the camera must have a crush on Tim and I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND THAT, but we get another useless reaction shot here. I mean, if we're trying to establish that Tim listens in on all the office chatter, I'll tell you I love it and I never doubted it, but let's move on. Raylan wonders why they don't go after Boyd now, as he's Tonin's only loose end (not worth discussing why he thinks that; it's based on outdated information anyway); Art adds that Arlo is the other, but Raylan tells him Arlo died, only an hour ago. This makes Tim and Rachel both look in his direction, and Art manages to look both stone-faced and sympathetic as he keeps his eyes on Raylan, who finally asks what's up.

Art asks if he's okay, and Olyphant keeps up his tremendous work as Raylan tries to act like he's fine and is only about eighty-five percent successful. Because of that, Art tells Raylan to go home for a week, and Raylan protests because with the timeline of this show that means he wouldn't be returning until late in Season Five. Art asks Rachel and Tim to join him in his office, but Raylan stands and tells him he brought him the case: "I pulled it out of the wall of my goddamn house!" Art tries to mollify him, saying that no one is taking it away from him, and Tim drawls a football metaphor at Raylan, which Raylan doesn't appreciate. He stares at Tim all "you know what," and Tim SMILES LIKE HE'S ENJOYING THIS, and if we can maybe swing a spinoff with Tim, Shelby and Wynn, just let me know what time slot it'll be in.

Raylan orders Tim not to say anything unless he knows for sure it helps, and Tim replies with a hilarious "sure, we'll go with that" face; Raylan then pretty much begs Art to keep him on before negotiating the leave down to two days. Art agrees, but adds that if Raylan does one thing he doesn't like, he's pulling him, and I assume by that he means anything he considers indicative that Raylan is not himself emotionally because on an average day doesn't Raylan do like five things Art doesn't like even before lunch? Raylan stalks out, but when he's got a moment to himself by the elevator, he takes a ragged breath, and the tiny cracks in the fa├žade once again start to show. He even wipes an eye, but for the sake of his ego we'll just chalk that up to allergies.

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