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Shoot 'Em Up

...and then we cut to Mark, fully clothed, sitting in the living room. Colton offers him a cigarette, and the two of them light up before Colton grimly grins that they're both "in the shit," and that he doesn't know what to do. Mark is obviously uncomprehending as Colton goes on that someone is running "a game" on him, and it's not "that girl," or at least not her by herself. (By the way, the drug dealer's dead leg is hilariously sitting up, out of focus in the foreground, throughout the whole scene.) He then asks Mark if he's married or has kids or anything, and Mark tells him he thought he'd get clean first, which is an interesting tack for a backsliding addict to take. Colton muses that he should do the same, and tells Mark it's going to be like he was never there. And I did think he might, out of military brotherhood if nothing else, convince himself to spare Mark, but obviously the cigarette was more significant that it seemed, as no sooner has he concluded this little speech than does he put a bullet in the poor guy's brain. As I said to Joe R, Mark was an idiot and couldn't hold a candle to Tim, but I still wouldn't have kicked him out. Also, though, Colton certainly left enough physical evidence around -- witness the smoke he just put out -- so I'm guessing Tim will be on his tail soon enough.

Getting back to Tim Olyphant's Emmy reel, he tells Arlo, who's lying asleep in his prison hospital bed, that he's apparently going to lie there and wait him out, but maybe he could give Raylan something? Into the continued silence, Raylan offers that he doesn't want an apology -- "it'd take too long" -- nor does he need any fatherly advice; he just wants something, namely Drew Thompson's current identity, which will allow him to tell his children that their grandfather wasn't a complete asshole. I'm not actually paraphrasing here. Getting nothing, Raylan rises to go, but Arlo breathes at him to wait, and then asks Raylan to lean close. Raylan obliges him, and hears these labored words: "Kiss. My. Ass." I mean, as obstructionist as it is to Raylan, how can you argue with Arlo being a total son of a bitch to the end? As if to agree, Raylan fumes for a moment, but can't leave the room without patting Arlo on the shoulder. It all makes sense to him, even if he doesn't like it.

Oh, here's that bland dude who was hitting on Ava at the sex party last week, although not the young guy who tried to take it to another level. Whether she's being paid or not, he's tying up some young thing in his bed when the doorbell rings. In response to her questions, he tells her that if it were his wife, she'd probably join in -- but she wouldn't ring the bell. After an "oh, duh" moment from the girl, the guy pulls on his robe and heads to the door -- and finds Deputy Enforcer. Deputy Enforcer goes through the same rigmarole as before, although this time we don't hear whether he's told he's got the correct target or not. Either way, though, we cut to the girl in the bed, who looks startled, if not panicked, when she hears shots fired. She tries to free herself, but keeps silent as she does so, and if he weren't already dead I'd suggest Mark pay attention here.

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