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Inside, Wynn has an actually bemused look on his face instead of the faux-bemused one he normally favors as he tells Raylan he's not sure what's going on here. By way of answering, Raylan asks Hunter if he remembers a little kerfuffle involving Arlo, an assault charge, and a dog belonging to someone named (I think) "Johnson McClaren." Hunter stays mum until Raylan casually kicks over the chair he's sitting in, and the hilarious part is that Hunter seethes as the chair topples, knowing it's going over but -- thanks to his shackles -- being powerless to prevent it. Hee. After he groans from the impact, he tells the room that the dog was shitting on the Givens' lawn, and Arlo roughed McLaren up over it, so Hunter arrested him. As he gets Hunter back upright, Raylan recalls that the dog was some kind of collie mix, prompting Wynn to offer that he had a Yorkie growing up. Hee. Not that it's a surprise, since he barely flinched when Barclay got his head blown off right next to him, but I love how unfazed Wynn always is by almost anything going on around him. Raylan's point, however, is that this could have led to an all-out war -- Arlo wanted to pull the Crowders in to go after the Sorensons, who were kin to the McLarens -- until his mother, Frances, intervened. Upon seeing Raylan's foot moving into position again, Hunter grits that Frances called a meeting, and Raylan says that she decided it was time for all the parties to hash things out. He goes on that she had some French blood in her, and she told Raylan that the very term "hashing it out" came from the French word "hatchet," meaning "to cut through all the bullshit." That's either pretty dried bullshit or a pretty dull hatchet, but even though I'm sitting on a heavy couch, I still probably shouldn't interrupt Raylan when he's making a point.

Wynn still doesn't get what this has to do with their little confab here -- until Raylan IDs Hunter for him, adding that he may be the only person alive who knows Drew Thompson. For all his practiced cool, Wynn can't help his eyes from widening at that one -- he literally almost pulls a 30 Rock-esque "HEY now" -- and sensing their newfound camaraderie, Raylan sits next to Wynn and informs him that Hunter is being transferred for putting a shiv into Arlo, and since the Dixie Mafia has a history with both Arlo and Drew, he thought the DM might have an interest in Hunter as well. Wynn's brain catches up with his ears as he asks if Arlo is really dead, and Raylan figures from his reaction that he didn't order the hit. Wynn tells Raylan he's sorry for his loss, but avers that he had nothing to do with it, getting this honest reaction: "Thank you, Wynn. Whatever your other failings, I believe that's true." Not only did he keep any sarcasm out of his voice, he addressed Wynn by his given name without throwing in his surname. Speaking of hatchets, this one seems temporarily buried -- Raylan even patted him on the leg! Raylan then stands and figures it makes sense the DM wouldn't kill Arlo -- after all, if they did, they'd lose a chance to find Thompson. Raylan then gets Hunter to his feet, but Wynn and his security guy stand as well, and Wynn smiles that maybe he could help Raylan right now. "Could be fun? Noodlin' on ideas about what to do with Mr. Hunter?" Wynn, God love him, then looks at Hunter like a dog might regard an unstripped bone and whatever he may think of Raylan, the desperate look Hunter gives him suggests he'd rather take his chances with him than see what kind of creative ideas Wynn might come up with. I guess Hunter's not nearly as dumb as he looks.

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