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And The Winner Is…

Hey, look who's house-shopping in Clover Hill -- Boyd and Ava, who are told by a female realtor that the place has only been on the market a week and it's going to go quickly. Ava admires how "storybook" the gracious home is and when the realtor takes a call, Ava and Boyd cutely drop their mouths open at each other at how awesome the place would be for them. Ava then gets a revelatory look on her face and starts walking around calling the layout -- because, as it happens, her mother used to clean the house. Boyd didn't know that Ava's mother worked up the hill in that capacity and Ava tells him that her employers "smiled at her real nice, but locked up their jewelry whenever she came over." Well, I've heard of enough white-collar crime to think that practice was just good sense, but I can see where that wouldn't make Ava feel any better about it. The realtor then returns and notes the place might be a bit big for them, which unsurprisingly causes a prickly tone in Ava's voice to emerge as she asks if they can see the outside. The realtor, however, doesn't pick up on it as, after she's taken them outside, she asks if she can't show them something further down the hill, as "there are some lovely starter homes down there." She goes on that the banks are getting stringent with applications and while she may well think they're trash, none of this necessarily has to be read as offensive given the mortgage crisis. Ava, however, saucily notes to Boyd that it doesn't sound like the woman thinks they have the means to buy the place, whereupon Boyd, over her denials, opens a briefcase full of cash -- and as we know, it was hilariously blackmailed out of Clover Hill itself -- and informs her that a bank's involvement won't so much be required. He then announces to Ava that perhaps real-estate agents are like new houses -- "you shouldn't fall in love with the first one." Not to be outdone, Ava sunnily shakes the woman's hand and thanks her -- "but we don't need your shit." Good line, but if the woman is attached to the house, they may have to deal with her regardless, given that when they're out front, Boyd tells Ava they should buy the place and he'll even put her mother's name "on a plaque and put it on the front door." Boyd then tells Ava she also just gave him an idea of how to find Thompson...

...while back in the car, Hunter wonders what Raylan would have done if Wynn had insisted on, um, getting creative. Raylan essentially tells Hunter that he and Wynn have a mutual respect, which I would probably say requires some connotations but will allow here, but the point is that Wynn will send someone for Hunter and he's going to die in prison -- unless he takes the deal, which is surprisingly still on the table. Hunter looks interested, at least until he opens the door and rolls out of the moving car. Raylan lets loose an expletive at that as he pulls over, while Hunter, seeing a fuel truck heading his way, stands so as to take the vehicle's full impact, but Raylan tackles him out of the path in time. In a little touch I love, Raylan glares after the truck like "THANKS for braking, jerkweed" before turning back to Hunter and kicking and punching him a couple times in frustration. After that stunt, I bet even Art would be prepared to look the other way. Hunter asks what he's doing, and Raylan, after taking a couple calming breaths, lets us know another little bit about his childhood: "In the words of Arlo Givens, I'm tryin' to knock some goddamn sense into you!" It's unclear how much Hunter cares about Raylan's abusive childhood, but Raylan goes on to ask why Hunter would rather die than give up Thompson. Hunter, however, won't give him satisfaction as he tells Raylan to shoot him or bring him to Leoville and Raylan just looks immensely frustrated. If he chooses to impart more of Arlo's wisdom to Hunter, though, it happens off-screen.

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