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And The Winner Is…

Ava is leading a blindfolded Judge Executive Furry into one of the trailers as they talk about burying past differences, and the Judge Executive must REALLY need to feed the Furry part of him if he's here so soon after having his friend murdered and being shaken down to the tune of six figures. Ava tells him to count to three and remove the blindfold, which he does -- to find Boyd standing there. I may think Judge Executive Furry is pathetic, but that doesn't mean his delivery of "Goddammit" isn't sublimely hilarious. (I rarely mention directors on TV, but I have to give props to Lesli Linka Glatter here, whose direction I know from some of the best episodes of Mad Men and always puts a memorable stamp on her work.)

Oh, look who's back -- it's Cassie, who wanders into Audrey's looking for Ellen May. Ava only flinches a little as Cassie goes on that Ellen May was a member of her brother's congregation, and Ava expresses condolences before telling Cassie that Ellen May moved on to Alabama. Cassie, however, thinks that doesn't make all that much sense, as Ellen May left word with one of her former parishioners seeking guidance, as she was torn up about something... and this happened only the day before. Ava tries to keep her fake smile from going too wild as she remarks that that's strange, so Cassie, who doesn't seem to suspect anything (although she does have the right amount of hilarious discomfort at being in a house of such ill repute), asks Ava to send Ellen May her way should she surface. She'll either be at the church or at "Lacie's Garage" getting her truck fixed. When she's gone, Ava swallows hard, although not as hard as she would if she realized Teri was listening to the whole conversation.

Boyd asks if he's correct that Judge Executive Furry got his start in the security business and when JEF nods his acknowledgement, Boyd says he's interested in knowing of anyone who came to him as a new employee in the 80s. I may have missed a strand of information -- I get that Boyd knows Drew Thompson was seen rubbing shoulders with Judge Executive Furry, but I'm not sure why Boyd thinks Thompson worked security, although this could just be in service of casting a wide net. Anyway, we don't get to hear his thought process thanks to Ava busting in and telling him they've got a problem, and I wonder what JEF would say if he heard that it involves the woman who shot him in a bunch of non-vital places.

When we return, Raylan gets pulled over -- by Shelby. Hunter wonders if Shelby's there to rescue him and then Shelby and Raylan chat in their usual, easy sardonic manner, with Raylan expressing his frustration that Hunter won't tell him what he wants to know and Shelby counseling him to sweat him a bit more and then give up. Raylan also lets Shelby know that he's got Constable Bob keeping an eye on Lee Manners' hunting lodge, and he figures that -- much as he did with Wynn -- he'll take Hunter up to see Lee Manners and Johns and see what shakes out. Shelby figures Lee Manners and Johns will be jumpy (and armed) after the death of their friend, so he'll ride along with Raylan and they can see what's up. Come on, you guys -- you can go for a longer road trip than that!

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