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And The Winner Is…

Boyd returns to the bar and reports no luck in tracking down Cassie. In response to a question from Ava, he says he hasn't heard from Colton either. Ava is distressed, but even though Boyd reminds her it's impossible to get cell service up in the holler in which the church is located, Johnny, after a long pause, decides it's time to reveal what he knows and informs his cousin that Colton never killed Ellen May. It's an interestingly timed move and suggests to me what I already thought, which is that Johnny -- despite all his words to Wynn -- isn't sure he's going to betray Boyd in the end. Boyd, in his inimitably deliberate way, tells Johnny that he and Ava have been trying to put together a puzzle, "and it seems like you have some of the missing pieces." He invites Johnny to start at the beginning, but however honest Johnny may be feeling, I'm thinking the piece worth $20,000 is going to stay his little secret.

Boyd is driving with an air that seems like the Harlan version of "I'm not angry, just disappointed," which actually contains a surprising amount of anger. Johnny tries to explain that he didn't want to accuse Colton without proof, especially since Boyd brought him in as his new golden boy despite him not being family and not even having been in his unit in the Army. He continues that he was there when Devil betrayed Boyd and he's always been there for him, at which point Boyd -- gliding to a stop -- turns his head and fixes Johnny with a long, long, long look, and Johnny eventually concedes defeat in the staring contest. Not sure if Boyd's expressing actual disagreement with Johnny or if he's merely putting him in his place, but Johnny looks like he'd move to the back seat if it were even mildly convenient.

Cassie's packing up some books when Colton -- as murderers often do -- announces his presence by hitting a few dissonant keys on the piano. One of these days, I'd love to see someone in his position play, like, a jaunty John Philip Sousa march upon entering. Cassie tells Colton that the church has closed, so I guess she's only still in town because of her bum truck, but when she takes a good look at Colton, she realizes that A) she knows him; and B) he's hurting, "medicated." Not realizing the personal danger to her, she keeps talking as he shambles forward, saying that he's been trying to numb the pain of his sins and that he must feel trapped. She may be a con artist, but she's certainly got the shtick down. Whatever he may be feeling inside, though, outwardly Colton is unmoved as he says he's come looking for Ellen May, but she assures him she's not there -- whereupon he grabs her by the throat, and his paw is strong enough to lift and hold her off the ground. He asks if she sent him "that text," and as addled as he may be, I can't believe he thinks Cassie is a more likely suspect here than Johnny. But let's put a pin in that for now, because Tim's voice calls from behind Colton to let Ellen May go. He complies, whereupon Cassie moves to a safe distance and the fact that she seems to be unaffected by the attack probably demonstrates that Colton wasn't serious about hurting her... at least not yet. Tim asks if Colton remembers him, noting his fake cough seems to have cleared up (and even though it seems like years, remember in the show's time that meeting at the VA hospital couldn't have been more than three days earlier).

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