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Emulex Luthor

Raylan then comes in to see Kirkland -- Vasquez has left the room -- and after they exchange a couple words about Allison, Raylan expresses his wish to join the manhunt for Darryl, given his intimate knowledge of the family and the areas in which he'd be likely to hole up. Kirkland, however, says he'd prefer Raylan to stay and be his right-hand man; he then goes on that they need to do some work on Theo -- but Raylan wants to go back to the last bit. You see, as he tells Kirkland, Art once had to fly to Macon and cover for the Chief there while he was suspended, and Art later told Raylan that an interim Chief's biggest task is to rein in "the office problem child. Best way he knew to do that was keep the guy where you could see him. Tell him he's your right-hand man." Well Art, Raylan may have been a pain in your ass, but aren't you happy to hear he listened every once in a while? Kirkland's like, you win, I do want to keep an eye on you and I'm worried that your involvement might jeopardize a prosecution, and if he's saying that because he's worried Raylan might kill any number of people before they make it to court, I have to say it's not the craziest point I've ever heard made. Raylan counters that it'll be Kirkland's fault if they lose Darryl because Raylan was benched, and Kirkland is not about to let him have the last word -- but then Vasquez comes in with the news that Theo confessed to being behind Art's shooting, and what's more, he's going to give up the trigger man. Everyone: WHAAAAA?

Boyd has turned up to the hotel and is currently being searched by Mikey, who pronounces him clean, but Picker blusters for him to check Boyd again, and Wynn isn't inclined to disagree. Boyd tries to point out how it seems like Picker is calling the shots, but Wynn offhandedly replies that their "social hierarchy" is the least of Boyd's problems now. Boyd, in that grand voice he uses when he wants to project confidence, starts to talk about his Beretta, but he trails off when he sees a smiling Katherine enter from the other side of the suite. He recovers, though, to go on that the gun came back with him from Iraq, and then Mike fishes the pack of cigarettes out of Boyd's jacket pocket. Wynn also doesn't recall Boyd smoking, but Boyd tells him his "recent anxiety" is to blame before saying hello to the "new face in our crowd." The new face continues to smile but remains silent, so Picker has Boyd sit and invites him to explain how the marshals came to seize half their shipment. Boyd, unbowed, says they might want to ask Darryl, if they can find him after the Art shooting, but Picker heatedly wonders if -- since he's there and Darryl's not -- he might explain on his behalf. Boyd: "Mr. Picker, the only explainin' I've ever done in my life was to my mama when she caught me sneakin' in after my curfew. And you ain't my mama." Don't take this the wrong way, Boyd, but you make her sound more than a little scary.

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