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Emulex Luthor

Boyd is willing to go so far as to say "shit happens," and when Wynn asks about the other half, Boyd tells the room that if he dies in his current location, the heroin might as well not ever have existed. To his right, Katherine, who's still been smiling all this time, puts down her cup of tea or coffee and asks Boyd to tell her about himself, and after Boyd grins big and asks if he might know her name before he gives his life story, she replies that it's "Katherine Hale," a name that impresses Boyd as he asks if that makes her "the wife of 'Big Country' Grady Hale." She corrects him that she's his widow, and Boyd crows to Wynn that he's impressed -- he remembers seeing a photo of Katherine in the paper when her husband was on trial, "and I thought, now that is the kind of woman you get on your arm when you become a real gangster. Of course, that was some time ago and you've changed your hair." I wonder if he's implying she looked better then. I can't tell!

Katherine tells Boyd that Wynn brought her there just to meet him, but when Boyd jokingly asks if that makes them friends, Katherine soberly demurs: "He wants to know if I can come up with a reason why he shouldn't kill you." Boyd tries to laugh that off but then takes out a cigarette and says he's going to try to think of an earnest answer to the question, and I thought he gave them one with the whole so-called insurance policy. Wynn starts to talk about it being a non-smoking room, but this violation is going to be the least of the hotel's worries -- as demonstrated by the marshals kicking in the door and ordering everyone to get down on the ground. Katherine, however, doesn't really move, and her defiance of authority I guess makes her the Penny of this group? Nah, if anything, Penny's the <>Katherine of the prison.

Back at the office, Raylan, tactful as always, expresses the opinion to Vasquez and Kirkland that Theo's confession is "bullshit" -- get used to the word -- but Kirkland says they still have to follow it up before stepping away to take a phone call from Washington. Raylan then asks Vasquez why Theo would help them without a deal on the table, and when Vasquez -- who looks like a headache's coming on -- counters that he knows they'd never deal with him, Raylan's like, exactly? Tim then brings over a list of people who got "caught in the net" when they grabbed Picker -- because that just so happens to be the person Theo fingered -- and when he sees one name in particular Vasquez's eyes go almost wide enough to merit a cartoon "BOING" noise on the soundtrack, but not quite.

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