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He does ask Tim if "Katherine Hale" is meaningless to him, and when Tim admits that it is, we don't stay with Vasquez long enough to see his "these kids today" face, but I think we can all assume it. Raylan tries to say how Theo just wants them "chasin' bullshit" -- he certainly loves that word, not that I blame him -- but Vasquez's attention is on one person alone now as he tells Tim to come with him, leaving Raylan alone to go talk to Picker. Picker's first complaint has to do with "that rat-faced little prick" who tweaked his back putting him into the car, and as much as I normally empathize with people who suffer with back pain, he's talking about Tim, so I must invite him to catch hold of a pack of smokes posthaste. Picker does at least attempt to give some halfway sincere condolences about Art, but Raylan isn't interested in softer feelings at the moment -- he wants the name of the shooter. When Picker hears Theo's accusation, he makes the valid point that the Marshal Service recently, reasonably and rightly, thought Theo was trying to kill him, and now they believe he's back to taking his orders? Raylan, however, doesn't let on how much he believes Picker, at least partially because it's not all that relevant -- they have a signed confession from Theo, which is all the legal proof they'll need.

Yet another "bullshit" is uttered, this time by Picker, but even if he thinks he's got a case, he's risking no less than the death penalty (in the case that Art dies) by taking this charge on, so after some obligatory "I'm not a snitch" declarations, he asks Raylan why he'd help him "other than the fact that you're an asshole." I think he's fishing for some additional considerations, but Raylan rolls with the insult: "There is no other reason." Hee. Picker finally says the name Raylan wants to hear -- Darryl -- although to be honest, I think he's just agreeing with Boyd's speculation rather than giving up any real trustworthy information. Who would actually know, at this point, especially since Darryl himself is spinning a different narrative? Kirkland then enters, and Picker smiles that seeing him in Kentucky is "like running into an old teacher at the movies," which seems like an apt enough comparison.

Raylan asks if Kirkland heard what Picker said, but Kirkland thinks he might need some corroboration given that Picker's "a bent-nose arm-breaker from Greektown." Picker feigns being wounded as Kirkland goes on that they are following up, but they're having some trouble locating Darryl, so does Picker think he can help with that? Picker points out that he only ever met Darryl once, but Kirkland still has faith in his ability to arrange a meeting, and if he does he'll even get "prizes to be named later." Having come this far, Picker seems likely to cooperate, but at this moment Tim enters and calls the marshals outside ("that's the prick," Picker confirms for us) to tell them they've confirmed an alibi for Picker. Kirkland's like, and the good news is, but Dunlop pipes up that Raylan has a call -- from Wendy Crowe, who says Darryl wants to turn himself in but will only do so to him. At the risk of offending Picker, this feels like another Greek gift to beware!

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