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Back at the bar, Boyd assures Ava that it'll be quick, and Ellen May will never know. "She won't be afraid." Ava nods, but she doesn't look happy...

...but she's made her choice. Colton, however, isn't quite committed yet, so he pulls into a gas station and tells Ellen May to put in ten bucks while he uses the facilities. When he gets into the bathroom, Colton looks lost and afraid, but that doesn't stop him from loading his gun. He then steels himself with some white powder up his nose, yelling out when he hears a knock on the door that he'll just be a minute...

...but when he gets outside, he's chagrined to find that Ellen May is gone. Two things: There was that knock on the door, but no one was waiting when he got outside. In real life, someone might have decided it wasn't worth waiting, but in a script, it's hard to imagine including it if it weren't significant. And if it were significant, perhaps it was Ellen May trying to get to him before she was abducted? Adding to that theory is the fact that the nozzle is still in the gas tank -- if Ellen May decided to run off, it's unlikely she would have bothered with the gas first. So if we're looking at an abduction, who would the perpetrator be? It's far too much of a coincidence to think anyone with an interest in taking her would just happen to have run across her here, so whoever it was must have tailed them from the bar.

My buddy Joe R thinks Johnny's the most likely candidate, and on paper, I agree, but something tells me Cassie shouldn't be discounted. Of course, with their sworn enmity toward Boyd, the two of them could end up in cahoots before too long anyway. Can you imagine a Cassie-Johnny-Wynn Duffy conspiracy? Okay, I'm going to shut up now; I'll see you next week for more answers, and, I'm sure, questions.

John Ramos is a writer and film producer living in Los Angeles. His new film, a documentary on online privacy and the sale of personal data called Terms And Conditions May Apply, recently premiered at the Slamdance Film Festival in January. You can get news on it from the film's Twitter account. Also, you can email John at couchbaron@gmail.com, follow him on Twitter at https://twitter.com/couchbaron, or check out his blog, "Pull Up A Chair," which he'd just love for you to stop by.

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