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...while in the light of day, Rachel and Raylan have arrived, and Raylan's comment tells you all you need to know about the dregs of the party: "Too late to call in the hazmat team?" Hee. One guy is actually conscious, but he's in a bit of a videogame haze and not much help, although his point is taken that a picture of Randall would be helpful in determining his presence. A pleasantly sardonic woman then appears and pours herself a drink, and from her black eye it's reasonable to conclude the fighting on the premises isn't limited to men. Also, as I mentioned in the recaplet, this is the same actress, Navi Rawat, who played Theresa on The O.C., and it's an unfortunate statement on what that character went through that the black eye here was instrumental in helping me place her.

Rachel asks about Joe, whose name she says is on the deed to the house, and "Gina" tells her he's probably got "some poor girl bent over a sofa somewhere." A little early in the day for that mental picture, Gina, but I suppose you haven't been to bed yet either. On another note, I love the beer bottles littered everywhere that are simply labeled "Kentucky," just in case you get so shitfaced you forget what state you're in. Gina cautions Rachel that Joe hates cops, to which Rachel responds that she's not looking to make friends, and given that Rachel recently split up with her husband, I guess it's good that she's showing command of stock phrases from The Bachelor. (That one's for Daniel.) Raylan then saunters over, and from the way Gina goes a little cold I'm getting the sense she's more into Rachel, and although that's not my thing I can hardly blame her. Raylan tells Gina that anything she can do to smooth the waters with Joe would be appreciated, and after Gina sizes Raylan up, she challenges him to wrestle for her help. Raylan is like, "Ummmmmmmmm," but she doesn't let him twist for too long before telling him she's pulling his leg -- she doesn't fight for free. Heh. Raylan at least laughs, probably realizing that Gina might well kick his ass, and then Gina leads the two of them further into the house...

...whereupon we see Gina missed a bet -- Joe is going at it in the bed rather than bending anyone over a couch. In fairness, that's harder to do when you're giving it to two people, as he is here. Raylan, unfazed as ever, flips on the lights and saunters in as the threesome breaks up appropriately, and Raylan bravely doesn't worry about what he might see or catch as he sits down right next to Joe, identifies himself, and asks about Randall. Joe admits that Randall was there a few hours ago with his old lady but balks at giving up any further information, so Raylan tells him if he fails to cooperate, the state police will be forced to interview everyone who was at the party, and with the Marshal Service involved, there could also be issues of asset forfeiture.

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