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When she's gone, Shelby asks into his phone, which is on speaker, if Boyd got all that, and Boyd congratulates him, although he does genially go on that it gives him pause to hear Shelby malign his character to such a degree. He doesn't even get through the sentence, though, before he hears a dial tone, which is hilarious. Also, I suspected what was going on there, not because Shelby's acting job was insufficient but because they only bust him out these days to do favors for Boyd. However, I do wonder if Cassie's sharp enough to guess that Shelby was on a Boyd-sanctioned fishing expedition; if she considers the conversation carefully, it wouldn't be the longest logical leap.

But let's leave that aside for now, as when Boyd asks Ava if she feels better, Ava says she does, but goes on that while she has an investment in Ellen May, the girl is wild at the best of times, and did Boyd know she's been off crying in a corner ever since she got back? Boyd offers an alternative -- he has a cousin in Alabama who's a sober Jesus freak and runs a motel, and if Ellen May is up for some honest work for a Bible-thumper, his cousin would probably welcome the challenge of Ellen May and all her, as Ava puts it, "crazy bullshit." That seems like as good a line as any from which to go on to the next scene...

...because this is where Randall pulls up to the convenience store, tells Lindsey to keep the engine running, and enters with a "Hey, asshole!" As the Foley guys do their best with the idea of "pervert broken bones," Lindsey goes to a pay phone, dials and starts to leave a message. However, it looks like the clerk's boudoir photography training wasn't enough to slow Randall down even a tic, as the latter emerges shaking out his right hand. Lindsey, not that there was any doubt, proves she's the brains of this outfit by covering that she was calling 911 so the guy inside doesn't die, which I guess is giving Randall the benefit of some small doubt. She stalks over to the car and asks if they could maybe go before the law gets there...

...but the law is busy at the moment examining a fighting chicken. Apparently they're visiting the dealer who presumably sold Randall his, um, clients, and he's telling them the charming details of his trade, which include outfitting the birds with small blades, and if they're going to be cutting each other up like that, it makes me wonder if it's a breach of fight etiquette for the loser to be dinner. The dealer waves one of those blades too close to Rachel and receives a rather stern rebuke; he kind of laughs that off, which will not be his first or last mistake of the scene, as after some exposition of how the dealer employs a middleman to deal with the customers for everyone's protection, he waves a blade in Rachel's vicinity again, and she responds by pulling out a telescopic nightstick and whacking it out of his hand. Heh. Raylan then calls Rachel over, and as they walk, he tells her that Lindsey called, and he used reverse lookup to find the location of the number. Rachel asks what she said...

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