Truth and Consequences

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Of Carrots and Sticks and Big Ol' Snakes

The FBI agent follows the marshals back to their office to witness their good-natured ribbing from Art who tsks tsks tsks that Tim and Raylan couldn't handle a suburban grandmother. The FBI agent gloats and then attempts to take control of the entire case. While the agent tells the boys to relax because he's handling the missing widow now, Raylan isn't buying it. He thinks it's suspicious that the widow left her phone and car and he makes a face like he smells something fishy. The fish in this case? The FBI agent. He's a real enough agent all right, but he's working with the kidnapper and, in what seems like a rookie move, calls the kidnapper from the elevator. Turns out both he and his family are in jeopardy if he doesn't help the kidnapper find Thompson.

The kidnapper -- who we can tell is a bad guy because he has neck tattoos AND a pony tail AND is wearing black -- stashes the widow in a motel room. He ties her arms to the chair, pulls a bag (that he probably bought off KidnappingSupplies.Com because where else do you get head bags? Wal Mart?) off of her head and demands that she tell him where Drew Thompson is hiding. She swears she doesn't know and while I am inclined to believe the woman, the kidnapper is not. Maybe he thinks her psychic skills can aid him in his search even if her memory can't. He knocks her over and threatens her with both a slow death and a pee-soaked sock in the mouth (same difference really) if she doesn't start talking.

Raylan heads to the gym for his 6 p.m. deadline, but finds that Randall isn't waiting around to get arrested. Apparently the allure of socking Raylan in the nose wasn't enough to risk getting taken back to Florida and thrown in jail (same difference really). His locker is empty and he's long gone. The news puts an extra spring in Raylan's step and, if possible, makes him even more cocksure. He's smiling as he steps out the back alley only to run smack into FBI Agent Barnes who is telling someone (the kidnapper probably) on the phone that the tip didn't pan out. He looks shocked when he sees Raylan, quickly hanging up the phone in that way that you can really slam a flip phone shut, and then rapidly putting the onus of explanation on Raylan. He claims that he knew Raylan got something out of the widow and just didn't want to share with the FBI. Raylan, who is still playing mental catch up, quickly starts putting the pieces together. Barnes asks Raylan if Thompson is in there and Raylan shoots him a clear WTF look and says no. Then Raylan starts to get a lot more curious. He's there on personal business -- why is Barnes there? If he got a tip, who did he get the tip from? The only people who knew that Raylan would be at the gym were Tim and Eve Monroe, the widow. The FBI agent's face gets an expression that clearly reads as to quote from my favorite politician ever, "Bitch set me up!" (That was former DC Mayor Marion Barry, by the way, after getting busted smoking crack with a prostitute.)

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