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Blown Away

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Blown Away

A guitar noodles on the soundtrack as some white text on a black background informs us that we are in Miami, Florida. As opposed to Miami, Ohio. Because that would be a completely different show. Fade up on a man and a woman talking over drinks in a restaurant and laughing flirtily. He is guessing various occupations she might have, such as schoolteacher, social worker, contracts lawyer, and art dealer, and she is telling him that he's wrong, wrong, wrong. But in a nice, sexy way. She finally asks if he wants to know, and he says that he doesn't. The man is Patrick Dempsey and the woman is Carla Gugino, a.k.a. the titular Karen Sisco.

Cut to three days earlier (which we know thanks to some more on-screen text). Karen drives into a motel parking lot during a driving rainstorm. She asks her partner if he's clear on the plan, and he says that he is. Karen gets out of the car and draws a deep breath.

Cut back to the flirty restaurant scene. Karen asks Patrick Dempsey why he's fiddling with a cigarette. Patrick explains that he quit smoking, but that he keeps the cigarette around to remind him that he can. That he can smoke? That he cannot smoke? Patrick asks Karen for a hint about her job. Karen laughs and says, "Play the game, play the rules." Which is another line that doesn't really make sense, but these two have good chemistry, so I'll let it slide.

Cut back to the rainy motel parking lot. Karen and her partner run up to a door on the second floor with their guns drawn. Through lightning flashes, we see that the back of their jackets say that they are U.S. Marshals. Karen and her partner take their places on either side of the door. Karen knocks and announces that they are U.S. Marshals, in case you missed the yellow lettering on the back of their jackets. Someone inside starts shooting through the door, and Karen and her partner dive for cover.

Flirty restaurant. Patrick Dempsey asks Karen if the giant bruise on her upper left breast is a birthmark. If I had a giant bruise like that, I would not be wearing a lacy camisole to show it off, but that's just me. I probably wouldn't wear a lacy camisole, full stop.

Motel. Karen kicks in the door and enters the room.

Restaurant. Patrick Dempsey reaches out and touches the bruise. Karen barely flinches. He asks if it hurts. Karen doesn't answer.

Motel. Karen's partner says he will check out back, and runs out onto the balcony. Karen hears a noise behind her and spins just in time to catch a bullet in the chest. Karen hits the ground and looks up to see the gunman standing over her, gun pointed. The gun goes off.

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