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Blown Away

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Blown Away

Karen pulls up to the bank branch, which is now lousy with cops and yellow caution tape. She flashes her badge and walks up to a body covered with a yellow tarp on the floor. She steels herself, and then lifts the tarp. It's Beer Drinker. He's dead. An agent walks up, and Karen asks what happened to the other one. The agent says he's "in the wind," but that the FBI has his plates. The guy asks if it's Karen's case, and Karen says that it is now.

Carl screeches his car to a stop beneath an overpass and starts beating on the steering wheel just like Cameron in Ferris Bueller. Then he takes off. So he pulled over just to beat on his steering wheel? Weird.

Karen watches as a U.S. Marshal helicopter lands. Amos gets out and asks what's up. Karen tells him that they picked up a car and found the clothes, but no money. Amos asks how much money it was, and Karen says it was enough to travel well. Fuentes weasels up and says that a guy matching Carl's description just bought an Amtrak ticket to New York. I'm so sure he'd take Amtrak. Please. Fuentes tries to rub it in that Carl ditched Karen. Amos says, "Have I ever told you how much I do not admire your work?" Fuentes walks off, and Amos asks Karen if she thinks it's Carl. Karen says that Carl is not on a train, and he's not headed north.

On-screen text tells us that it's two days later. Carl walks around on a boat. Unbeknownst to him, Karen stands on the dock, watching. Carl spots her and says he knew the train wouldn't fool her. He asks how Beer Drinker is, and Karen says he's dead. Carl says he didn't want it to end like this. Karen (her bruise still really prominent) says, "That's the trouble with robbing banks. Unintended consequences." Carl clarifies that he was talking about them, and Karen says she was, too. Carl points out that he has a case of bourbon, so Karen could step on the boat now and they could be in St. Lucia in two weeks. Karen reminds him that he broke the law, and somebody got killed, so he's staying there. Carl says that the only way she can stop him is to shoot him, and she wouldn't do that. He starts untying the boat, and finally turns around to see Karen pointing a gun at him. Carl softly says that he won't go back. Karen continues to point the gun at him. Carl starts the engine and starts talking about how beautiful it is in the islands. He turns the wheel and revs the engine, and Karen shoots him in the shoulder. Carl falls to the deck. Karen steps forward and says, "Carl, I want you to know. I had a pretty good time, considering." Carl chuckles weakly.

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