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Blown Away

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Blown Away

Karen walks into the offices in slow motion. She sits at a computer, typing, with a sad look on her face. She walks into Amos's office and sets something on her desk. She says it's the report he's been waiting for, and asks if she's back on warrants. Amos says it's a little late to be asking that. Karen struts out. Danny walks up and asks Karen if she filed her report yet. Karen says that she did. Danny asks if she remembered what happened. Karen says she did, but that she saved his ass anyway. Danny thanks her. Karen tells him that, in return, she doesn't care what he tells his family, but that he has to get out of the Marshals, because he doesn't have the stomach for it. Karen walks off, and Konner watches her. Is Gary Cole going to be a regular on this show? Because I thought he was going to be on The West Wing. ["He is, but if he gets as much screen time as the last fictional Veep, that'll only tie him up for like an episode and a half every season." -- Wing Chun] I hope he sticks around. He's awesome.

A song about being "drained of emotion" plays, and have I mentioned how nice it is to have a change from the usual WB ovaries warbling on the soundtrack? Karen walks out onto the balcony and greets her father. He asks how her trip was, and she goes, "Eh." He agrees that travel is a bear, but that it used to be easy. Karen says it never did, and Marshall agrees. Karen looks out at the water and says that Marshall did it. Marshall says that a man ought to have a boat, and we see one docked nearby. I thought it was going to be Carl's boat, but it totally wasn't. Marshall says that his boat needs a name, and asks if she has any ideas. Karen doesn't. Marshall says it might not need a name, and Karen agrees. Marshall says that he might take the boat out one of these days and catch a whale. Karen smiles. Marshall asks about her bruise, and Karen says it's getting better. She leans on her father's shoulder and he puts his arm around her as they stare at his new boat.

Next time: Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman, explosions, and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

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