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Blown Away

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Blown Away

Marshall walks Karen to her car, and they banter some more about boat ownership. Marshall finally admits that Amos called and asked Marshall to talk to Karen. Karen gives her dad another look. Marshall says, "So we talked! You look great. Don't stay out too late." Karen smiles and starts her car.

Karen and Carl hang out in a club. Carl is still guessing occupations. Karen asks about his boat. Carl says it's good in a storm, and is named Bimini Cove. Carl guesses Karen's a romance novelist, and Karen laughs. Carl says that he's had his boat for ten years, and when he's working on it, he knows who he is. I don't know what that means either. Karen asks what he did before that, and Carl says that he sold cars, and that he was good at it, but he didn't feel it. So he went with a dream, and he was seasick at first, but then he resolved it and never looked back. Karen smiles at him and asks how he knew she drinks bourbon. Carl says it was a lucky guess. Karen says he doesn't smell like a sailor, and Carl says he uses regular soap. Karen nuzzles up and asks if he wants to get out of there. Carl certainly does.

Cut to Karen and Carl making out in the hallway outside Karen's super-cool apartment which even has a porthole window in the front door. Karen tells Carl to hold on, and Carl says that they should probably wait. Karen unlocks her door and says that she needs to be dressed and out of there by 7. Carl guesses, as he follows her inside, that she's a flight attendant. So then they totally do it, and I'm not giving you the details, because I'm sure you can imagine it.

Karen wakes up the next morning at 5:59 AM. Oh, hell no. She rolls over and finds the other side of the bed empty. But there's a note. It reads, "See U Tonight? Carl." First of all, the "U" would be immediate grounds for dismissal, because Carl is not Prince and Prince is the only person allowed to do that. Second of all, did he need to sign it? Was he worried that she wouldn't know whom the note was from? Anyway, Karen smiles, and then her alarm goes off, so she rolls over and hits the snooze.

Karen and Danny are on courthouse duty, as they walk outside to the front steps. Danny is still urging Karen just to sign off on his report since she can't remember the details of the incident. Karen asks how long he's been a Marshal. He says it's been three or four years, and that his father and brother were both Marshals as well. Karen says it's a lot to live up to, and Danny says he can handle it. Before Karen can say more, a jail transport vehicle pulls up. Konner (Gary Cole) escorts the defendant out of the truck and up the courthouse steps. Danny says he heard that Hector, the defendant, butchered six of his partners with a chainsaw. Hector walks by and says hello to Karen. Danny can't believe that she knows the guy. How long have Karen and Danny been partners, anyway? Amos rolls up and says that Karen caught Hector the first time. Again, not really impressed, since I don't know who in the hell Hector is, and whether he is, in fact, dangerous.

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