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Blown Away

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Blown Away

Amos introduces Fuentes, a weaselly-looking FBI agent. Karen says she knows him, and Fuentes smarms, "Not well enough." Karen shoots back, "How's the family, Ed?" Amos tells Danny to go get him some coffee. Hee! Danny is such a bitch. Amos tells Karen that Fuentes wants to know about Carl Wilkins. Karen asks who that is. Fuentes says that Karen saw him Thursday and Friday, and took him back to her place last night. Karen asks if Fuentes is stalking her. Fuentes wants to know what Carl thinks about Karen being a Marshal. Karen wants to know what this is about. Amos suggests that they go someplace more private. Karen says they're fine where they are. Fuentes sleazes that it's a delicate situation when they find out that "a U.S. Marshal is sharing her bed with a bank robber." Karen's facial expression doesn't change.

Cut to Carl, talking to a loan officer in a bank, à la George Clooney in Out of Sight. Carl fidgets with an unlit cigarette and says he'd like to take out a sizable loan. It's really too bad that they keep putting Patrick Dempsey in a position to be compared to George Clooney like that. I like Dempsey, but he's no Clooney.

Karen, Amos, and Fuentes view surveillance footage of a bank robbery, but the robber is wearing a ski mask. Fuentes says that there have been four robberies in the area in the past six weeks, and they were all Florida Southern branches. Amos asks whether Carl is their only suspect. Fuentes says that they have others, but they think Carl is their guy, and that he has a black partner. Karen says, "So a guy in a ski mask. What else you got?" Fuentes sighs that they have partial prints but no matches. Karen curtly asks, "Priors?" Fuentes admits that Carl has none under his current name. Fuentes adds that a witness IDed a getaway car and two-thirds of a plate. Karen says the FBI doesn't have anything. Fuentes says that their information brought them to Carl, which brought them to Karen. He adds that Carl is good for an amateur, and keeps changing his methods. Fuentes finally gets to the point: they'd like to know more about Carl. He looks at Karen pointedly. Karen wonders why they don't question Carl themselves. Fuentes says that since Karen is so close, they thought she might "snuggle up to the guy, get to know his secrets, find out how he does what he does." Man, that Fuentes is a sleaze. Amos adds, "If he does what he does." Karen declines the offer, saying she's not going to do Fuentes's job for him. Fuentes points out that Karen is a federal agent. Karen starts to reply, but Amos interrupts, "She's a U.S. Marshal. Marshals work on warrants. If you put one out, we'll discuss it." Fuentes picks up his materials and leaves, but first asks Karen to get Carl's prints. Karen, cool as the other side of the pillow, replies, "I've got 'em all over me." Fuentes shakes his head and leaves. Amos asks Karen if she's okay. Karen wonders why she wouldn't be.

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