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Blown Away

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Blown Away

Karen talks to Marshall on her cell phone. Marshall watches Wheelchair Guy as he says that the world is full of idiots. Karen says that Fuentes thinks he knows a friend of hers. Marshall asks if it's by name or reputation, and Karen says it's a little of both. Karen sits down at a computer as Marshall says that there's nothing wrong with having friends. Marshall asks, "So what if he is? Your friend. A little of both. Takes all kinds to make a world, sweetheart. Trick is to keep in mind which kind you are." Karen uses the computer to do a search on Carl's name, and pulls up a picture of Carl on his boat, advertising his charter fishing services. Karen asks if she's supposed to watch her step. Marshall says she said it, and he didn't. Marshall watches as Wheelchair Guy and his bimbo pull away with a squeal of tires. Wheelchair Guy leans out the passenger window and yells out, "Nice car!" Marshall hangs up with Karen and chuckles. Karen continues to stare at Carl's picture on the screen.

Karen walks out of the office. Devlin the shrink asks if Karen is avoiding her. Karen denies it. Devlin asks if she has a minute for coffee. Karen gets into the elevator and declines the offer, saying, "Coffee keeps me up." The elevator doors close. Why don't elevator doors close on cue like that in real life? Instead, you might get off a good retort, and then you both have to stand there and wait for the doors to close. It just ruins the moment.

Karen drives out to the marina. Heh. She's holding a cup of coffee. She walks into the marina offices, where some Southern rock is playing. She asks the guy at the counter if he knows Carl Wilkins. At the sound of the name, a black guy drinking a beer nearby perks up. Counter Guy knows Carl. Karen asks if he knows where Carl keeps his boat. Beer-Drinking Black Guy watches Karen thoughtfully.

Karen walks out to the docks, where she finds Carl's boat out of the water in dry dock. Karen gets closer to the boat and sees a big orange sign that says, "Notice Of Repossession." Karen walks back to her car. She notices some FBI agents nearby. She knocks on the window and startles the agents inside. One agent rolls down the window. Karen hands him her coffee and says, "Tell Fuentes he could have saved me the trip. You can get rid of that. I'm done with it." Karen walks off, leaving the agents befuddled.

Karen carries a bag of groceries into her apartment. She enters to find her father and three other guys (including Mordecai) playing poker. They all greet her warmly. Marshall asks if she wants some dip, and Karen declines. Carl walks out of the kitchen and urges Karen to try the dip, since Marshall made it himself. Karen is shocked to see Carl there. Marshall explains that they found Carl on the stoop when they arrived, so they invited him up. Karen asks if they introduced themselves, and Mordecai says they did. Carl says they are "[his] kind of guys." Karen looks at him, wondering if he knows what he just said. Carl follows Karen into the kitchen and says he thought they had something on for that night. Karen says that something came up. Marshall pipes up that they've been talking about boats, which is an interesting topic. Karen says that's what she hears. Carl starts to talk to Karen, but Mordecai blurts that Carl doesn't have a boat. Karen looks at Carl, who says that he's been wanting to tell her every night but kept coming up with reasons not to. Carl admits that he lost his boat three months earlier, because business was down and he didn't want to see what was coming, so he's been hiring out. Random Poker Guy yells that Carl was embarrassed. Carl tells Karen that she means a lot to him, and that he doesn't want this to mess anything up. Marshall watches this whole exchange with interest while totally pretending that he's not listening. Karen starts silently unpacking her groceries. Carl says he's going to go, and tells the poker guys that it was nice to meet them. Karen refuses to meet his eyes until he says that maybe he could make her dinner tomorrow. Karen smiles and says maybe. On his way out, Carl guesses that she's a pediatrician. Karen smiles and shakes her head. Carl leaves. Karen asks Marshall, "You didn't tell him?" Marshall asks if she's referring to the fact that she's a Marshal or the fact that the poker guys are all ex-cons. Karen says, "Either." Marshall says it didn't seem relevant.

Karen washes her face, preparing for bed. She pushes on the bruise on her chest, and then flashes back to the night of the motel incident, starting with the moment when the guy shot at them through the door. This time, Karen remembers that she said they should get backup, and Danny said, "Screw the backup!" before kicking open the door and running in. Karen followed. Karen breaks out of her reverie when her father calls to her to tell her that he's leaving. He's sad that no one ate his dip. Marshall says that the guy who gave him the dip recipe is a diamond thief doing twenty years in Glades. Before he went into jail, he buried his loot in the woods, figuring it would be safe there. Karen says that twenty years is a long time. Marshall says that the guy got out, but couldn't remember where the loot was, and the harder he tried, the more he forgot. Karen says, "You're saying just let it come." Marshall says he was just talking about the dip. He starts to leave, but Karen calls him back and asks what he thought about Carl. Marshall says he doesn't know, and that he'd tell her if he did, but "life's a crap shoot." Marshall leaves for real, and Karen starts brushing her teeth. She finds the beer bottle that Carl was drinking from, and notices that it has prints on it. She sets it back down.

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