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Blown Away

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Blown Away

Cut to Karen talking on the phone as she drives. She tells Amos to call Fuentes and tell him to cover every Florida Southern branch in Coral Gables. She adds, "No, I doubt he's there. But I'm going to find out."

Carl and Beer Drinker sit in a diner. Beer Drinker asks Carl if he's going to eat. Carl says he isn't hungry. Beer Drinker asks if it's the girl, and laughs that Carl really isn't cut out for this line of work. Carl angrily tells him to finish up. Beer Drinker says he's done, and pays the tab.

Karen pulls up outside the diner and finds the two FBI agents from earlier. She asks where the suspects are. An agent says that they are inside, and points out their car. He also compliments Karen on finding out that the next location would be Coral Gables. Karen walks into the diner, but it's empty. She's also wearing a pink scoop-neck top that really shows off her giant bruise.

Carl and Beer Drinker are outside a Florida Southern Bank branch. Beer Drinker asks Carl if he's ready. Carl hesitates. Beer Drinker says that they're almost there, and that it will only take three and a half minutes; then Carl can get his boat while Beer Drinker gets his house and yard. Carl chews his gum and then says okay, but that they should do it "calm and simple."

Karen walks up to the car the FBI agents identified, and busts the window. She reaches in and unlocks the door, and then opens it. Inside, she finds a brochure that lists all of the Florida Southern branches in Fort Lauderdale. Man, bank robbers really are dumb. The agents pull up and ask Karen what she's doing. Karen instructs them to tell their boss that it's Fort Lauderdale, not Coral Gables.

Carl and Beer Drinker don ski masks and walk into the bank, guns held high. Carl tells everyone not to move, except for one teller, whom he commands to fill a bag with unmarked bills. Beer Drinker calls out to Carl and asks where the guard is. Carl looks around, and the teller takes advantage of his distraction to step on an alarm button. The guard is taking a piss, and the alarm button causes his beeper to go off.

Karen drives and her phone rings. She answers it and asks, "When?" and then speeds up.

Beer Drinker yells that he doesn't like this. Carl asks the teller to go faster. Beer Drinker says that there should be a guard. Carl tells him to shut up. They hear sirens outside. Beer Drinker says that someone tripped the silent alarm. Carl looks around, and the teller slowly picks up a letter opener. Beer Drinker says that they have to leave. The teller once again takes advantage of the distraction to stab Carl in the hand with the letter opener. Man, she really loves her job. I would be like, "Take it! Take all of it!" While Carl is pulling the letter opener out of his hand, the guard shows up and fires two shots, but we don't get to see whether they hit anyone yet, because the scene freeze-frames and fades to red.

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