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Dear Derwood

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Dear Derwood

Karen walks into her office and greets her co-workers. She notices a large bouquet of flowers on her desk. One of her co-workers, Phil, comes up and asks what a girl would have to do to get such a lovely bouquet. Karen heaves a sigh and tells Phil not to make her break his arm. That is exactly the correct response. Phil caught sight of the card and asks Karen if she's really dating a relief pitcher for the Florida Marlins.

Karen puts the flowers on Amos's desk. He asks what he's supposed to do with them, and then says that he's going to throw them away. Karen is fine with that, and starts to leave. Amos calls her back and hands Karen a file on Derwood Edson. Karen hasn't heard of him, and asks if he's armed. Amos says Derwood isn't armed, but that he's "slippery as hell." Derwood's original sentence was for one year, but he's escaped from prison so many times, his sentence is now twenty years. That hardly seems rational. Karen wonders why Derwood would break out so many times, and Amos gives her one guess. Karen guesses that it's because of a woman. Amos says that the woman's name is Angela, she's a stripper, and she just moved to Florida. That's where they usually find Derwood. Amos says that Derwood got a letter from Angela while he was in prison, saying that she was moving, and that he shouldn't do anything stupid.

Cut to Derwood, sitting in the prison yard with a letter in his hand, gazing at a laundry truck. Ah, the "old escaping with the dirty laundry" trick. You'd think prisons would be on to that one.

Amos tells Karen to check the strip clubs, and she starts to leave. Amos stops her and gives her a "word of advice" to watch herself. That's more than one word, Amos. Karen thinks he is talking about the investigation, but Amos says that he's talking about Karen's baseball-playing boyfriend, Tuck Rodriguez. Amos thinks that if Tuck keeps pitching the same, he'll be back in the minors shortly. Karen thanks Amos and walks out.

Karen walks into a strip club, possibly the one owned by Charlie Lucre. The stripper says hello to Karen while swinging around a pole. Karen explains that she's looking for a dancer named Angela. The stripper asks if the girl is in trouble, and Karen says she just needs to ask her a few questions. The stripper says that Angie is the blonde at the bar. Karen turns around and spots Angie (played by Jennifer Aspen) talking to the bartender, who I totally thought was Big Pussy for a few minutes. But it's not. Angie has a problem, on behalf of some of the other strippers, with the hours, and the bartender (who may also be the club manager) isn't very sympathetic to her concerns, so she spits in his face and walks off. The bartender starts to reach for Angie, but Karen walks up and squeezes his fingers to stop him. Karen tells him to get lost, and he does, but not before making another threat to Angie, who returns the favor. Angie says it's nice to meet Karen, and Karen gives her name and job title.

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