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Dear Derwood

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Dear Derwood

Karen, Dwight, and Angie attend Derwood's burial. Dwight is wearing a prison orange jumpsuit. Dwight says he'll miss Derwood, and then says he'll write to Angie from jail. Angie makes him promise to stay put until he's paid what he owes. They hug, and some cops lead Dwight off. Karen and Angie stare down at the pine casket at the bottom of the hole. Angie thanks Karen for getting her off. Dirty! Karen says that the DA took down the Russians last night, and that if Derwood hadn't busted Angie from prison, the Russians would have never been found. Angie says that Derwood would have liked that, because he always wanted to be a hero. Karen asks Angie what she'll do. Angie says she'll move to Hollywood and try to make a life for herself. Angie looks down again and says she just keeps thinking Derwood will break out of there. Angie kisses Karen on the cheek and walks off. Karen looks after her thoughtfully, and then picks up a rock and drops it into the hole. It makes a very hollow-sounding thunk, and Karen grins and laughs as "Settle for Love" by Joe Ely kicks in on the soundtrack. An earthmover drives over, and the driver is listening to the Marlins game on the radio. Karen hears that Tuck is having a great game, and shakes her head in disbelief.

Karen's phone rings, and she answers it.

Cut to Karen, wearing a white trench coat, walking up to a room in the same motel she visited with Tuck earlier. She knocks on the door. Tuck answers, and he's wearing a shirt, but it's not buttoned up. He's surprised to see her, and Karen tells him that you only live once. She opens her coat with her back to the camera, but it's clear from Tuck's face that she's naked underneath. He pulls her into the room and slams the door. You go, Karen! Get yours.

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