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Dear Derwood

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Dear Derwood

Angie storms into the dressing room and complains that she told Derwood not to break out of prison anymore. Karen asks if he's been in contact with her. Angie says he hasn't yet, but that he will, and then he'll get caught and spend another five years in prison. Karen surmises that Angie doesn't want to see him. Angie agrees, but then asks if he's hurt. Karen says he's fine as far as she knows. She asks Angie if someone sent her the large gift basket sitting next to her. Angie says it's her new business, and that it was Dwight's idea, but that she designs them. Karen, trying to catch up, asks if Dwight is Angie's boyfriend. Angie says that Derwood is her boyfriend, and that Dwight is Derwood's best friend.

Cut to Dwight tossing a chair into a swimming pool at his apartment building and screaming that if Derwood comes around, he'll kill him. Hey, Dwight is Blossom's older brother. You know, the EMT with the drug problem. Karen and Angie watch the histrionics, and Karen remarks that it doesn't sound like much of a friendship. Angie says that Dwight and Derwood grew up together and are like brothers. Dwight wonders how Derwood found out where he and Angie were staying, and realizes that Angie wrote to Derwood in prison. Angie says that she had to, because Derwood worries about her. As she talks, Angie is busy assembling gift baskets. Dwight says that he told Angie not to do that, and then asks who Karen is. She flashes her badge and tells him, which causes him to drop his beer. Karen hands it back to him and asks for his help in bringing Derwood in. Dwight says he doesn't know anything, but asks Karen to let Derwood know that he and Angie are doing just fine without him. All of this is said out of Angie's earshot. Karen asks if there's anything else. Dwight says he's sorry for taking Derwood's car, but that Derwood wasn't using it. A guy pulls up and honks his horn, asking for a little help. Dwight yells back that the guy needs to hold on a minute. Karen asks who the guy is, and Dwight says it's nobody. Angie pipes up that it's Julio, and that he's in charge of the teddy bears for the gift baskets. Karen walks back over to Angie and dismisses Dwight. Karen asks if Angie and Dwight have a thing going, and Angie says they don't, because she's faithful to Derwood. Angie adds that Derwood is in prison because of her, and adds, "Love's a bitch." Karen hands Angie her card and asks her to call if she hears from Derwood. Angie agrees.

Karen walks off. Her cell phone rings, and it's Tuck the baseball player. He asks if she got the flowers. Tuck is currently getting an arm massage, which means he's not wearing a shirt, which means, "Sweet mother Mary." Tuck is pretty. Karen asks if he's ready for Atlanta, and then criticizes his pitching in the previous game. As Karen talks, Dwight and Julio wheel a shopping cart full of teddy bears by her. Tuck says that he has a day game, and that he'll be out early. Karen suggests, while she watches the shopping cart, that they have dinner at her place. Then she offers Tuck some pitching advice, but he says that he can handle it. Karen gets another call and takes it. It's her father.

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