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Dear Derwood

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Dear Derwood

Karen visits her father while he fishes. She says that she's kind of busy. Marshall says he needs to talk about Tuck Rodriguez. Marshall explains that ever since Karen started dating Tuck, his pitching has gone downhill. Karen asks if he's saying that she's a jinx. Marshall says it's more like a hunch. Marshall's annoying friend keeps interrupting until Karen tells him to take a hike. Karen tells Marshall that she's just dating Tuck, "not stealing his mojo." Marshall says that love can do crazy things. Karen says she doesn't want to marry the guy. She just wants to.... Karen thinks better of finishing that sentence in front of her father. Marshall tells her to forget that he suggested "taking one for the team." Karen opens her mouth, but doesn't know quite what to say to that.

Karen walks out of the elevator in her apartment building and finds Tuck waiting for her. She thought he had a game, but Tuck got pulled early for poor performance. Tuck says that he was distracted because he was thinking about Karen. He pushes Karen up against her apartment door and starts kissing her neck. Karen asks if he wants to come in, but Tuck thinks it would be better in the hallway. Karen says that they should go inside, and she unlocks her door.

Cut to making-out noises. The phone rings. Tuck sits up, shirtless again. I wish I had a stopwatch, because I would totally time if this actor spent more time in this episode with a shirt on or without one. Tuck tells Karen not to answer the phone. Karen says she has to. It's one of her co-workers, telling her that Derwood just arrived. Karen thanks him and hangs up. She tells Tuck that she has to go. Tuck can't believe she's leaving, but Karen puts on her pants (!) and takes off, telling Tuck to call her later.

Angie reads aloud from Wuthering Heights while sitting poolside. Dwight is disgusted, and walks away. Angie starts crying while reading, and when she pauses, Derwood finishes the sentence for her. He notes that she's reading their story. Angie walks toward him and asks what he's doing there. Derwood wanted to see her. Angie says he saw her, and wonders what happens now. Derwood continues walking toward her and says he guesses he'll leave. They stare at each other, and then Angie starts kissing him. She laughs and jumps into his arms. They kiss some more. Karen gets out of her car, where she's been watching the whole scene. Dwight walks out of the apartment carrying a baseball bat. Derwood is pleased to see him and asks how he's been, then hauls off and punches Dwight in the face. Dwight holds his nose and cries. Karen walks up and flashes her badge. Derwood puts his hands behind his head and kneels down. Karen starts to cuff him. Angie says that the cops knew that Derwood was coming, and then starts kissing him again. Karen cuffs Derwood to the pool ladder, then tells the lovebirds to cut it out. She informs Derwood that he's under arrest again.

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