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Dear Derwood

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Dear Derwood

Karen walks Derwood to her car. Derwood tells Angie that there's something fishy going on, and that she needs to go home. Angie asks if she's supposed to "shake [her] tail while [he] rots in the can." Derwood suggests that they get married. Angie looks hopeful for a moment, but then reminds Derwood that she has a rule that she won't marry a jailbird. Angie tells Derwood that she has to have a life. Derwood asks if she slept with Dwight. Dwight quickly tells Angie not to answer that, but Angie just as quickly says that she didn't, and that Derwood knows he's her guy. Angie says she can't keep saying goodbye to him because it's too hard. Angie and Derwood are separated by a chain-link fence, but that doesn't keep them from kissing one last time. Karen turns her head to give them some privacy. Dwight looks sad, but resigned. Angie thanks Derwood for stopping by, and he says that he'll see her. Karen asks Derwood if he's ready. Derwood asks if she's got any handcuffs in the car. Karen asks why, and Derwood hands her the cuffs she put on him moments ago and says that she might as well keep her own set. Karen looks perplexed. Derwood adds, "Not a prison been built that I can't break out of. I just can't break these chains of love." Hee! And, aw.

Amos tells Karen that the Nebraska cops picked Derwood up and will take him to the airport. Karen asks how much more time will be added to Derwood's sentence, and Amos says it'll probably be five more years. Karen says it's odd, because Derwood didn't resist when she caught him, and it seems like he came a long way for a short conversation. Amos asks what he was saying. Karen says that he told Angie he loved her. Amos points behind Karen and says, "Speaking of which." Karen looks back and sees an admin putting flowers on her desk. She picks up the card, which has the address of a motel on it. Karen sighs and surreptitiously puts the flowers in her desk drawer. Her nosy co-worker is totally watching the whole thing. Fuck off, nosy co-worker.

Dwight and Julio have a conversation while sitting in a car. Angie sits nearby, painting her toenails and wearing headphones, so she presumably can't hear them. Julio is complaining that Angie isn't making gift baskets fast enough, and Dwight defends Angie's process. Julio says that they have to follow their business model. He goes into an explanation of how demand is outstripping supply, which means that their customers will go elsewhere. Dwight gets it; Angie needs to speed up the process. I'm starting to think those teddy bears have a little surprise hidden inside.

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