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Dear Derwood

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Dear Derwood

Tuck sits in the motel room, drinking champagne. Alone. Shirtless. Karen knocks on the door, and walks in. Without much conversation, they start making out. Karen goes to close the blinds and spots some guy walking by in a bathrobe. She says that she knows him and takes off. Tuck's like, "The hell?" Karen chases down Bathrobe Guy. He tries to run off, but Karen grabs the back of his robe and slams him down into a picnic table. She yells to Tuck to bring her bag. Bathrobe Guy wonders how she found him. Karen says it's none of his business, and reminds him that there's a warrant out on him. People start walking out of their rooms to see what's going on. The motel owner says he already called the cops. Tuck returns with Karen's bag, and she tells him to grab the handcuffs. Bathrobe Guy's lady friend comes out and recognizes Tuck. Bathrobe Guy starts criticizing Tuck's pitching.

Dwight and Julio talk to the Russian. Julio says he needs to talk about business. The Russian says that they should talk in the car wash.

Cut to Dwight, Julio, the Russian and two Russian thugs sitting in a car as it goes through the wash. Julio goes through his whole supply and demand scenario. The Russian doesn't seem that interested, but then one of the thugs hands over a duffel bag. Julio unzips it and looks inside. The Russian says something in Russian and the thug translates, "You demand. He supplies." I don't think this is going to end well. Nothing involving Russian gangsters ever does, really.

Karen delivers Bathrobe Guy to prison. He says that maybe Karen is what's wrong with Tuck Rodriguez. The prison guard agrees, like, fuck off prison guard and mind your knitting. Amos shows up and tells Karen that she did a good job finding Bathrobe Guy. Amos says that Derwood escaped again. When the transport van pulled up to the airport, they opened up the back, and Derwood was gone.

Cut to a truck traveling towards Miami with Derwood asleep in the back.

Angie helps Dwight load gift baskets into the back of her van. Dwight asks Karen how Derwood got out this time. Karen says that they're working on it. Angie says, "Poor Derwood." Dwight's like, "Huh?" and Angie explains that Derwood is going this because he's worried about her. Dwight says he deserves some sympathy, since he's breaking his neck to pay the rent. Angie reminds Dwight that Derwood is in prison. Dwight asks, "And whose fault is that?" Angie looks guilty for a moment, and then tells Karen that Derwood has never been good with change, and that he thinks they are still kids in Nebraska. Dwight says that they're in Miami now, and they have some deliveries to make. Karen asks to come with them. Dwight isn't too keen on the idea, but Angie's totally into it, so Dwight gets overruled, as usual. Dwight tells Karen to have a nice trip and Karen says she'll try, but she says it in such a way that she's letting Dwight know that she knows he's up to no good. It was a great line delivery. The women pull off in the van, and Dwight curses and takes out his cell phone.

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