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Dear Derwood

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Dear Derwood

Angie gets tossed into jail, orange jumpsuit and all. She tells Karen that she packed the baskets herself. Karen asks who packed the bears, and Angie realizes it was Dwight, but adds that she doesn't think he would do that. Karen softly says that Dwight was using her. Angie stomps over and sits down, lamenting her life. Karen promises to see what she can do.

Amos tells Karen that the DA is holding Angie as an accessory. Karen wistfully says that she doesn't think Angie knew. Amos thinks the DA might go easy on her, since it's her first offense, and especially if they can find the drug supplier. Karen asks if they have any leads; Amos says that the lab determined that it's probably Russian, and that similar stuff is showing up all over. Amos asks what Karen has on Derwood. Karen says he's "in the wind," and Amos thinks it'll stay that way now that Angie is locked up. Karen says she wouldn't count on it, because Angie has something that Derwood wants. Amos shrugs, like, "And?" Karen doesn't answer the unspoken question and walks out.

Julio and Dwight discuss their "big problems" as they hastily walk into the Russian's office. Dwight is worried about Angie, but Julio keeps babbling business-speak about how their system is "down the crapper" since the cops confiscated the drugs. The Russian insists that they take another trip into the car wash.

In the car, Julio promises that this whole thing is just a glitch, and that the product will start moving on schedule in no time. Julio adds that he knows they owe him about $24,000. The Russian says one word in Russian and one of the thugs takes out a gun and shoots Julio in the stomach. Damn! I totally wasn't expecting that. Dwight looks understandably freaked out as Julio falls dead. A thug hands Dwight the gun. He tells Dwight to bring the money they owe in six hours, and that if he doesn't, he should save them the trouble and shoot himself. Dwight's like, "Shit like this never happened on Blossom."

Marshall cooks dinner while listening to the Marlins game on the radio. Karen gets home, and Marshall tells her that she's just in time to hear Tuck pitching. Karen tells him to give it a rest. Marshall asks if she's joining them tonight, and Karen says she has to go see Angie and bring her a toothbrush. Marshall warns her that it's dangerous business to get "close to [her] perps." Karen thinks for a minute and then asks Marshall if he was in love with Karen's mother. Marshall asks where this is going. Karen says that her perp's boyfriend loves her so much that he spends his life breaking out of prison to see her, and that "it's kind of inspiring." Marshall says they sound like rocket scientists. Karen says, "Yeah, but they'd jump off a cliff for each other. That kind of thing really happen?" Marshall nods and says it's been known to. Karen reminds him to take the bones out of the fish he is cooking, and takes off.

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